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By Diane Tessman – 2 days 6 hours ago

What if the aliens encountered during abductions and other interactions, are actually avatars sent into our simulated world which has been generated by a computer? The real intelligence would remain behind the screen. We know about virtual reality games online wherein we create an avatar for ourselves and interact with other players.  Our primitive virtual gaming might give us a hint as to the truth behind UFOs and the aliens within.

As my articles on UFO Digest demonstrate, I have researched and written on all sorts of theories on the origins of UFOs and aliens. At the close of this article, I’ll give a partial list of my articles on a variety of other possible UFOs sources from human time travelers to dark plasma beings. The idea in this article is actually quite simple; it is the next step in the concept that we actually live in a computer simulation. I have done two articles on this theory which is also being actively researched by leading quantum physicists who are working on the creation of a super-computer which can generate the universe with all its intricacies and unfathomable wonders. If a super-computer created by researchers can re-create the universe via virtual methods, it will give the “we are in a computer simulation” theory a huge step forward.http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2012/12/the-idea-that-we-may-be-living-in-a-computer-generated-universe-that-has-been-debated-by-the-greats-of-philosphy-fromplatoto.html



Let’s assume for a moment that we do live in a fantastically advanced computer simulation. Of course the question arises, who programmed the simulation, who or what is behind the screen? The guesses run the gamut from a highly advanced alien race to humans of the future. Just look at how far we have come technologically since the Year 2000! Give us another 200 years of computer technology advancing at break-neck speed and we could well create a simulated reality in which the “actors” think they are real.

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