This is back from June of 2012 but has some real pearls of information…

Star Seeds are evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and humanity to bring in the golden age.  They incarnate into the same lives of helplessness.  They still have a wake-up call code embedded in their DNA.  This can be gentle or abruptly brought about.  They haven’t been in physicality before or it has been a long time since we have been in a physical body.  They are physical angels.  They can throw off density at record rates.  They are constantly holding a vision to make a new reality.

First Wave: 13,000BC to the late 1800’s-They showed up as wayshowers and avatars.

Second Wave:1890’s to 1945-They started raising human consciousness.

Third Wave:1946 to 1980-They began the changing of humanity.

Fourth Wave:1981-1999-They set the stage for Crystal children and are the Indigos.

Fifth Wave:2000-present-The Crystals who are altering the DNA and changing the world.