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By lynmarie8 – Posted on 23 March 2013

All Branches,Roots to the Tree of Life Reconnected from the Cosmos, Universe,galaxy, planetary, solar, earth, Humanity, elementals, Animal Kingdom, Angelic Realm reconnected unified of one for one with one. 100% of the for the light with the light of the light.


All Masters, Angelic, beings, Multi Dimensional Beings that were separated from the feminine energy of self and all that is has been unified.


Cosmos,Universal, Galactic Solar, Planetary, clean up is almost completed


Divine Mother Creator and Divine Father Creator is still processing is on going of there personal oneness – cleared out old programs, patterns, habits. Agreement to work of a clean slate to create New energy and to be the example for all.


There Hearts have been purified. So all may feel and been in divine pure love, unconditional love, peace, harmony, forgiveness, companion, empathy, and anchored into everything.