Zorra from Hollow Earth, in not vaccinate newborns and explains the Purification Technique

Putrefaction Technique:

Get a glass of water and take a sip of it.

Put glass of water and whatever you plan to eat and place it in front of you.

Take your right hand and do a karate chop on right side of glass and plate.

Take left hand and place hand palm up with thumb and index finger in the shape of an “L.” The other 3 fingers are closed.  Index finger is pointed outward.

Allow energy to flow through thumb, through 3 fingers and through plate and glass to the palm of your right hand.

This will create a type of funnel of energy.

Leave it there for 30 seconds.

you may feel warmth or tingling in your hands or body.

This will removed additives. It will sweeten fruit.  It will remove the alcohol from beer or wine but not the flavor.


Rub your hands together, creating friction.

Put hands on either side of children’s head.

This will clear adverse effects of inoculations.

Teach your children to do it to each other.