system failureMy boyfriend and I had our implant removals done yesterday morning.  I got up early to walk the dogs before hand and came back to bed, layed down and tried to get ready for it.  I had been sneezing all morning.  My breathing wasn’t that great and I was hyper.  Than, all of a sudden, I felt a warm wash of energy come over me and put me into a trance-like, dreamy state.  Right away, my sneezing stopped, my nasal cavity opened up and I felt extremely calm and relaxed (I’m assuming she was doing the third eye at this time). The energy kept getting stronger and I felt such an immense love in that energy. It made me sleepy, however, I forced myself to stay awake because I wanted to feel and experience it Next thing I felt was that same energy rushing up and down my spine and I felt my body “light up”(I’m assuming she was doing the large one on my spine at this time).  She also removed one from my heart. The energy began to subside (which I was sad about) and I told my boyfriend, “she must be coming to you now”.  He also felt that loving, calming, peaceful energy and began to go into that trance-like dreamy state.  He began to drift in and out of light dreams during his removal.  His first quick dream was, he was lying here in bed singing a powerful song and feeling AMAZING.  Then I heard him say “whoah”.  I said “what did you say”? He said “whoah, my whole head’s vibrating” (we’re assuming she was doing the one on his brain or the third eye during this time). He woke up feeling that he was smiling from ear to ear, but he wasn’t.  We guess he just had a big smile on his etheric face. He fell back into a quick dream and dreamed we were at a beautiful beach together and watching fireworks. One of them exploded into a huge heart shape (we’re assuming she was doing his heart at this time).  She also removed a large one on his spine.  Keep in mind that neither of us had a clue where the implants were and what was being removed until after the experience.  Pam’s energy and healing work and Alexandra’s oils and essences are nothing short of amazing.   We’ve never had experiences quite like this and we’ve never felt an energy so loving and comforting as Pam’s.  We went into this not expecting to experience much, but we were blown away by the results.