A Florida Senate committee has proposed a bill to ban the use of drones for spying on citizens.Activist Post 2013 Jan 17 (Cached)

The Arctic Sea ice that was reported to have undergone record-breaking melting in August 2012 has refrozen and returned to its normal level. [This will not be widely reported in the mainstream media.] NoTricksZone 2013 Jan 17 (Cached)

extra extra newspaperGermany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, announced that it will transfer 300 tons of its gold from the New York Federal Reserve, which currently houses 3,400 tons of Germany’s total holdings. [The rest is scheduled for delivery over the next seven years. Why not take it all within a few months? Because the Fed does not have it and its banker friends in Germany are willing to help cover the fraud as long as possible. The fraternity looks out for its own.] GATA 2013 Jan 16 (Cached)

US: Mega-retailer Wal-Mart will hire 100,000 Americans (drawing heavily from newly discharged veterans) over the next 5 years. [It also will buy $50 billion in American products over the next 10 years.] Breitbart 2013 Jan 15 (Cached)

Pakistan’s supreme court ordered the arrest of its prime minister on corruption charges stemming from accusations of kickbacks when he was the minister of water and power. [The court’s order jeopardizes the authority of the ruling party and President Zardari who has been accused of corruption by the judiciary in the past. Meanwhile, the government also is facing opposition from a cleric who has the support of 40,000 protesters against corruption. However, it is possible that the so-called cleric (who comes from Canada and the US) actually is a puppet of the West who is using the popular anti-corruption theme to gain support. Note that the protestors’ signs are in English! This is one to watch closely.] LA Times 2013 Jan 15 (Cached)

Indiana and South Carolina will introduce legislation to nullify Obamacare that also will criminalize its enforcement. [This would make state or local compliance with an unconstitutional act of the federal government a felony.] New American 2013 Jan 12 (Cached)

New York Mayor Bloomberg is restricting prescription pain killers to a 3-day supply and forbidding many “pain” drugs altogether in 11 hospitals controlled by the city. [His goal is to crack down on addiction.] 
DailyMail Posted 2013 Jan 12 (Cached)