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I’d like to share that my understanding of this technology, which I admit may be incorrect so please feel free to correct me, is that it has been developed for space travel, because that is where Mr. Keshe’s interests are. While he is giving us the technology, it is up to us to develop it for use here on planet earth. ~J

Source: The Keshe Foundation Forum

Dear forum watchers

In the world of diplomacy there are no kiss and tells.

Thus we will not report what has happened in the meeting of the 6.9.2012.

The immediate outcome of the meeting and in its process of development, we confirm the establishment of the African spaceship program (ASSP).

This meaning the African nations in the coming year become part of space program and by-passing the propulsion era as this technology has no room in the real working of the motion in the universe and it is a manmade technology and is not needed.

The preliminary talks for this organisation has taken place and soon we will report the nation we have chosen as the centre for this organisation.

We have suggested and understood soon to be agreed the establishment of the South American spaceship program SASSP too.

Therefore the two continents which have not had a chance to be part of the space program in the past, now in one leap super-pass the NASA in space technology, if no problems are created by other organisations.

This is what we can report from this process of meeting and in run-up and subsequent discussions with nations which are accommodating the initial creation of these organisations.

The third international peace program is set to be for December of this year or January of next year.

In this process we invite the nationals of countries to chose their own delegation of maximum three persons to be sent to this meeting.

In this meeting we will handover the full technology to the people of the world without the presence of their governments representative, as they were informed what is to come and is for them to organise their affaires in the next three month.

Meanwhile the process of the teaching will go ahead as planed and soon you should be able to produce the first small systems for energy production of a few watts on your own.

We invite those whom have contacted us or have achieved the production of energy to start the video making of their process, that in time we will invite them to bring along and show how it is done in their way.

From today it is an open game of transfer of the Keshe Foundation technologies to you the people of this planet.

Please raise awareness of the first teaching programs on the mass media and social networks as no one should be left in darkness of light and universal knowledge.

M T Keshe
The founder and present caretaker of the Keshe Foundation

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