Published on Monday, September 9, 2013 by Common Dreams

New CNN poll shows people don’t want US to wage war, even with Congress’ approval, and even if Assad used chemical weapons

– Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The majority of Americans are opposed to waging war on Syria—no matter what, a new poll shows.

One of many people opposed to possible war in Syria. (Photo: The Eyes Of New York/cc/flickr) The CNN national poll, conducted Sept. 6 – 8,  shows that Americans reject military strikes against the country even if Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons and even if President Obama gets congressional backing for an attack.

Even though over 80% of those polled said that it was certain or likely Assad used chemical weapons on Syrians—evidence of which has yet to be documented—the majority (59%) of respondents said that Congress should not pass a resolution authorizing the use of military force.

Even if Congress does approve military action, the majority (55%) of respondents said they still oppose such strikes.

Partisan differences appeared.  While 43% of Democrats said that Congress should not approve strikes on Syria, 67% of Independents and 63% of Republicans said congressional approval should not be given.

Further, launching air strikes would fail to achieve any U.S. goals, said 72% of the Americans polled.

“Even as he works members of Congress one by one in small group settings, President Obama’s biggest challenge is the American public at large,” said John King, CNN chief national correspondent.

Public opposition to a warn on Syria has been strong, and while the poll shows a 12 percentage point-increase in those who say they are certain Assad’s regime is to blame for Aug. 21 attack since May, according to CNN, the new results show the public has yet to be persuaded that launching another war is a good idea.


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