Dec 22, 2015

From Michelle

My apologies, I didn’t see this email until now for some reason.  At this point I just got phase II done last week, so I guess I will give you the update on both in this one email (and then you don’t have to follow up on the soul alignment/DNA with me after for the phase II) So I was excited for Phase I and was happy once it was done. I tried not to have any expectations so I wouldn’t have any disappointments. I thought maybe all of that programming of weird thought patterns would maybe just stop and cease altogether, but it didn’t happen exactly like that. I noticed that they were less frequent and less forceful, but I also realized that despite having the implants gone, my mind was used to those repetitive thoughts even if they weren’t truly my own from the start, its almost as if they became my own out of repetition and habit. So I realized it may take a little more time for the lingering thoughts of that nature to fully dissipate.  So there wasn’t a crazy super noticeable change after phase I, but mentally knowing I was freed from that and sort of “detached” from the “matrix” so to speak felt good. Then a few weeks later, last week, I got the soul alignment. Wow. Just wow. Phase II was like an immediate shift and it was so noticeable and obvious to me. I even waited a few days to make sure I wasn’t just having one really good day and assuming it was from that. But this feeling has not left me and now I know that it wont ever again.  So far its been almost a week straight now. I’m seriously still in shock. Its like all anxiety has just vanished from my field.  I feel like I am CONSTANTLY being bathed in self love and acceptance and support. I haven’t felt this from myself in a very very long time. I was so down on myself and lacking in self esteem and self love. I got part of me back and I feel it. I missed her. I used to speak to this part of myself when I was a kid and its just like that again. Ive been without that part of me for so long now and I’m so glad to be reconnected.  For the past few years I was in a state where I would get so easily annoyed, frustrated, and irritated. But its as if its so easy to just avoid that now.  Things just roll off of me like its no big deal. I just accept whatever arises in my experience now. And whatever arises is always exciting enough for me now.  I don’t feel antsy to leave a situation or nervous to be in one. I just accept it and love it and live it. It feels really cool. It honestly just feels good. And then when I have those moments now I’m so proud of myself. Its just so different, I’m still so surprised at how easily it is now for me to just not get mad or annoyed at people and/or situations. This is already helping my relationship. I also feel such positive momentum going upwards, to a positive place, including healing of my physical body which has been an issue for a while for me… frantically worried about whats wrong physically. Now there is no fear or worry or panic about health.  I trust now that in time my body will come back into balance and I will be sustained by myself and my own energies. This seriously feels like the greatest gift someone has ever given me…. reuniting me with a deeper part of myself… it has brought peace back into my being. I feel so peaceful now and feel like nothing can go wrong or be wrong, it just is. And I will accept whatever is and find the divine perfection within that moment. So thank you guys so so much for offering this service, a special thanks to Jerry for being the one to actually do this work on me, but a big thanks to all of you who play a big role in this process and everyone behind the scenes…all of you together make it possible to bring healing to people with your collective efforts. I am so incredible grateful and so excited for phase III DNA activation! Life used to not always feel fun to live, but now I’m excited for every second of the rest of my life.

Thanks and happy holidays,