Posted by John Jancar on September 17, 2012 at 12:52am

Some time last year, I had an eye opening experience which clarified the point of this article below.  I was in a discussion with a couple of people who claimed they were “spiritual.”  When I spoke my truth calmly and stood in the confidence of knowing I did not agree, I was told that I wasn’t supporting unity consciousness.  It really hit home with me  that the New Age movement has done such a disservice forso  many who latch onto these sorts of phrases, never having had their own individuality to begin with.  

Sometimes you might need to ask yourself  “whose unity consciousness are we referring to really?”  Are people interpreting unity consciousness as we just all get along, be nice, and keep the peace?  Or is it about accepting that everyone has their own perception, vision, and experience in which to see anything.  Despite what many may think, it is quite okay to have a difference of opinion, perception, conception, etc.  I love the adage “let’s just agree to disagree.”  I feel so strongly that unity consciousness must start from within.  The union and alignment within your core self, Higher Self, and I AM presence must come FIRST!  This is truly where and what ascension is all about….see what you think.

Here is an article that came in after I wrote this intro which again clarifies my point above...

I remember reading something from Archangel Michael once, that I totally agree with….we’re sold a false image here on Earth…of what oneness is. We’re told, true oneness, is forfeiting our individuality, and moving into a collective. That’s been a trick by the dark side, to keep us from true oneness, and have us give up our own independent thought and feelings and form into a mob mind, to make us easy to manipulate. Grays do that, Reptoids do that…because it’s easier to control and manipulate a group mind, then individual thinkers. That may seem like oneness…but it’s a oneness of mob consciousness, not true inner oneness.

True inner oneness, is moving deeply into your individuality…deep within yourself….and realizing there’s no real separation between you and other individuals. They’re all part of you. We’re all part of each other. It’s about seeing each person as an expression of the One, of God. Who only is One, there’s no other God but God lol There’s no other God for God to merge with into a collective group of gods, God is a lone individual, God is one and only one. We’re all part of God, extensions of God, expressions of the One. And by digging deep into your own self, you’re own one expression of the One…then you can feel true love, true unity, with other ones, who really are just part of you, your own self.

And I think that’s alot of the problem with people. They’re not real individuals…so they can’t feel a true intimate sense of love and unity with others, from deep within themselves. They can’t really have any original creations, or even thoughts. And I notice, that all the true genius types, or master creators, or artists, or self expressers….all the people who we would say are Godly…..are always very individualistic, they’re unique and original…they think for themselves, create from an original place….like God does. I mean seriously…think about that…people….you might come to a realization.

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