Confirm Researchers Ancient Egyptians Made Jewellery from outer space,
August 21, 2013 in Miscellaneous
Ancient Egyptians Made Jewellery from outer space, Confirm ResearchersSOURCE: Sanskrity Sinha – International Business Times A set of funeral beads which could be the oldest iron artefacts on earth actually came from outer space, archaeologists have claimed. The nine iron beads, which were found in a 5000-year-old Egyptian cemetery in 1911, were made from a meteorite that crashed to earth around 3200 BC, according to a study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science. The latest study builds on an earlier report, published in May, which suggested that the beads were crafted from meteorite rock. “These beads were made from meteoritic iron, and shaped by careful hammering [of] the metal into thin sheets before rolling them into tubes,” researchers noted in the study report, adding that neutron and X-ray scanning of the iron beads proved that the metal came from a meteorite. This story continues after this brake:

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