Jeffery is an amazing healer with over three decades in Bhakti Yoga, Reiki training and VortexHealing. With this experience and recalling his innate gifts, he has created his own “signature of healing” which truly brings a whole new cosmic and multidimensional approach to healing at Galactic Connection. Jeffery has received the “green light” from The Oneness Field, to work with Alexandra and GalacticConnection in launching Phase IV for all Guardians and Star Seeds who would like assistance with strengthening their protective fields and removing limitations. Jeffery will be reformatting your frequency patterns

that will actually create dimensional cloaking. This powerful new service is known as The Guardian Protection Initiation.

Other advantages include

  • increases in awareness of your dimensionality
  • instilling the inner perception to see yourself as a sovereign being
  • greater access to fields of information
  • a clearing of your fields
  • a permanent transfer of multi-dimensional modifications that will cloak your being and protect your Heart space

Please keep in mind that there is a high level of interference with these orders! Your patience is very much appreciated.

Due to the high popularity and demand for GalacticConnection’s world renowned products and services, it may take up to three weeks for your package of Oils and Essences to be shipped. Orders are filled as they arrive. An instructional letter will then be sent. Sessions are scheduled with Jeffery upon receipt of the package.


Each session includes a Customized Blend of Oils and Essences alchemically created by Alexandra Meadors.
Here are some of the things that these assist you with:

  • Removing the need to numb yourself from feeling
  • Ceasing the cycle of repeating mistakes
  • Grounding
  • Increasing mental clarity
  • Augmenting the courage to look at your own situation with self-honesty and insight
  • Realizing lessons learned
  • Enhancing your vitality and creativity
  • Diminishing fatigue, mental depletion, stress
  • Understanding that deep sufferings leads to greater compassion
  • Decreasing sensitivity to surrounding activity and intensity
  • Lowering the resentment of others and your circumstances
  • Cleansing and softening your fields
  • Healing a lack of trust in life
  • Becoming more comfortable with being oneself

And much more!


Guardian Protection Initiation Phase IV


Guardian Protection Initiation Essence Re-Order
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In 1983, Jeff began an active search for more spiritual connections to life, and was introduced to Reiki trainings. The following year began a two decade immersion into a Bhakti Yoga meditation path, profoundly transforming his inner landscape. In 1997, Jeff learned the Merlin based lineage of VortexHealing, and mastered those skills quickly.

By now his own innate power to heal began to evolve, along with a developing awareness of galactic presence. A deep longing pulled him daily into this great expanse, further pushing the boundaries of his awareness. An inner dialogue had begun, from which Jeff

came to intuit his own healing discipline, and multi-dimensional understanding of reality. This conversation continues, as the ongoing work of our universe unfolds and each of us plays our part.

It is Jeff’s wish to share his gifts of transformation and healing at the fundamental levels of our human experience through the Heart of Oneness. It is time.

A creative master craftsman, Jeff lives in southern Arizona. With 3 decades working in both custom furniture and cabinet shops, Jeff is accomplished at most phases of kitchen remodeling. His work has included full kitchen/bath design, cabinetry installation, fabrication and installation of solid surface countertops. Currently, Jeff works as a kitchen/bath field measurer.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture from the California College of Arts and Crafts, Jeff went on to expand his talents into welding, kinetic sculpture, and nature drawing.

Awareness has a boundary and you can expand that boundary all the way to Infinity.

Jeffery Godfrey

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