new-face-on-the-surface-of-marsItalians discover a new face on the surface of mars Italians discover a new face on the surface of mars November 10, 2013 in Outer Space Mars gets a face-lift. Italian explorer captures shots of a new face similar to the Cydonia Region image. An Italian explorer interested in astronomy and exploring of Mars has yet again discovered a great structure on Mars which is very similar to the Cydonia region of Mars where there are a couple of pyramids and what looks like an Egyptian sphinx. Mr. Matteo Ianneo’s discovery however looks like the head of an Asian, more specifically a Japanese warrior, a Samurai. Although shocking, this is not his first discovery, he has many previous discoveries. The Samurai head on Mars could be a natural formation of rocks or it could be an artificial construction like a statue. Taking into consideration the Cydonia region and previous discoveries it is quite possible that these were artificially built structures by either a former civilization which ruled the surface of Mars years ago and now went extinct, or maybe a species of aliens which live underground because Mars has no atmosphere. In any case, this discovery is certainly interesting and it is worth having a look at. You can see the Samurai Head on Google Earth [ mars ] at the following coordinates: 6°17’47.27″S 120°06’32.49″W. Special thanks to Matteo Ianneo. He is a researcher and discoverer of many strange things.