Comment by Bill Stevens 3 hours ago

oppt_logo_blue13Before we get too excited about all this, I want to share a few “heads up” items suggesting all is not well with the OPPT initiative. Here are the links:

Needless to say, I’m more than a little disappointed because I really believed thiscould be a global paradigm-changing event. Having said that, the more I reflected on the logistics involved, the more I foresaw some serious challenges involving world-wide social and economic stability unless the process was VERY carefully managed by people who really knew what they were doing. Regrettably, those I’d followed through the various OPPT briefings didn’t appear to have the acumen required, despite being well-intentioned. Not all that clear on what “damage” Keenan was referring to, but also know he doesn’t make accusations of this nature lightly.

On the positive side, I also strongly believe the concept was inspired . . . perhaps at a high 4th or 5th Density level. In other words, not something fully implementable until humanity experienced a mass “heart change” where those who truly hear from their “inner being” would be in positions to influence the majority of actions taken. In other words, something which can really only happen after ascension.

Recall clearly one “group discussion” with Heather Tucci-Jarraf where they talked about the ultimate complete lack of any real need for a financial tracking system. That was when the “lights came on” for me in recognizing the wisdom behind this concept came from a level far beyond that which created our current oppressive financial system. Einstein would have been pleased!

At this point, my inner caution has been reinforced by the Neil Keenan material — see his initiative as significantly more credible — BUT I’m more than open to personally enacting the “gifting of my skills” to whoever needs them. This, I believe, reflects the true Spirit behind OPPT. Neil obviously respects the intentions of those “fronting” the movement, but also suggests there is a deliberately deceptive intent from those “behind the scenes” who stand to gain greatly from the initiatives suggested.

Meantime, think we need to approach this whole movement with “eyes wide open”, taking responsibility where we can and not expecting to be “rescued”!!  

Other thoughts?