More Than 5,600 Policemen in 3 Years Were Penalized by Wang Lijun

Monday, December 17, 2012 17:41
Wang Lijun, former Chief of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, in March, 2011. (Feng Li/Getty Images)

Wang Lijun, who set off a political firestorm in February after attempting to defect to the U.S. Consulate, caused the demotion of at least 5,600 policemen during the three years he worked as chief of the Public Security Bureau in Chongqing City. At least one official was severely tortured and another was executed under Wang’s watch.

Some of the several thousand officers were fired, kept under house arrest, forced to take labor education or even sentenced to prison, according to a report from the Tianjin Evening News.

The bureau announced on Dec. 11 that these cases are under review with the final redress policies yet to be decided.

The Chongqing police authorities have initiated low-profile internal correction and rehabilitation processes, according to a report on (Information Network of Yunnan Province). The new bureau chief, He Ting, has arranged special investigations and interviews, and allocated more than 20 policemen in three task forces to process the petitions filed by former colleagues, who suffered unjust treatment when Wang was director. 

A highly ranked officer at the bureau said: “In the three years that Wang headed the bureau, many police officers were demoted, fired, sentenced to labor reeducation, kept under house arrest or even sentenced to prison. The specific numbers were: over 900 in the first year, over 2,900 in the second, and over 1,800 in the third. Some people involved in cases with insufficient evidence of wrong-doing have been restored to their positions.”

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