by Karyl Jackson
Source: Alpha Life Trends

September 2012 Overview
September is universally a FIVE month, which brings in the culmination of all the changes from the year. The elements of change, breakthrough and freedom have been brought into our lives to move us beyond the old residue of the past. Situations have provided changes that stem from the ONE universal year of 2008 and the last 18 months have provided the challenges that have become the last hurdles along our spiritual journey. This has been an important phase to bring to completion.

Changes are the important part of this year and important part of September’s review as we break through the old ways and means and update our life to the new energies that have been emerging since 2008. The focus during this time becomes important to see our future vision and evolve toward our new life. The first day of September brings Mercury to connect with Neptune’s spiritual blue print. The information that we need to use for our inner guidance comes into our life to veer us toward the right point on the horizon. We will know and understand the importance of this shift, whether big or small.
The planet of Venus moves into Leo on September 6th, to unfold the resolutions that were instigated during the Mercury retrograde. Bringing our commitment to our new direction also occurs as Sun connects with Mercury on September 10th, giving us a sense of completion from the decisions made on July 28th when Sun connected to Mercury retrograde. As layers of events unfold and bring in new elements to overlay over the old environments, new options and opportunities present themselves that are in alignment with our goals and aspirations.

Uranus square Pluto occurs on September 18th, which again shows the changes that are possible from hammering the rust off of the old attitudes. Making the changes that are slated for this phase of our journey becomes an important element and key to our life. Mercury opposition Uranus pushes us to adjust the old attitudes, to revise and create a new updated perspective. From these realizations we prepare to make monumental shifts as we hit our point of breakthrough, emerging into freedom. The Full Moon on September 29th gives us the chance to stretch, reaching beyond the past to venture into our new and right direction. The internal desire to move into our future becomes strong as our motives, ethics and commitment to our passion is moved into top priority in October.

August 26th through September 1st
This week, August 26th through September 1st brings many issues into the final chapter and the last lap of the power-packed month of August. Many new contracts and agreements will be written to reflect the changes that have occurred so far with the month of August. There will be many elements on our new stage that will be put into place. Many discussions and meetings will occur Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to finalize the important issues to the changes. We are given the next step, which is to see the nearly Full Moon rise Thursday evening, letting us know that the last day of the month will grant us passage to this breakthrough and freedom from the past, allowing us to move into our new directions. Friday brings the Blue Moon into the day to become an official offering of this important transition. From the old events from 2008 to the springboard of August we are able to finally have made the changes, granting us the breakthrough and freedom from the past. As Mercury moves into Virgo on Friday, we see the Full Moon rise on a different life. This begins the new life that has been in the making for quite some time. With the events culminating in August, we can see the incredibly Full Moon rise as if to signal the success that we feel we have achieved since 2008 and most recently with the events of the last 18 months. Saturday brings in the new month of September along with the alignment with Mercury to Neptune. This connection with our spiritual blueprint provides our new map forward and the new opportunities emerging with our new freedom and a new life.

September 2nd through September 8th
This week, September 2nd through September 8th, begins with the revisions of our spiritual blueprint beginning the process to unfold the final series of changes in the month of September. Breakthrough and freedom are the key themes for the month. With Mercury and Neptune connection on September 1st, the pace is set to make the final adjustments to revise our map and journey for 2012. We begin the week with a strong desire to bring our innovative self into action as our new environment and surroundings change and adjust us beyond our breakthrough to walk the path of freedom. Practical matters of finance come into the picture on Tuesday to give us the chance to make important decisions. Late Thursday we have additional information that begins to make a difference and pushes us further along our path toward freedom. Situations are evolving and giving us the chance to become unencumbered from previous situations and demands from the residue of old power struggles begins to fall off.

September 9th through September 15th
This week, September 9th through September 15th, brings new ideas into our life, which become the stepping stones of freedom throughout September. Monday Sun connects with Mercury to give us a renewed sense of commitment to the breakthrough and freedom this year has provided for us along our journey. Mercury continues to bring in the flood of new ideas and concepts that are quickly becoming the focus as the Virgo sense of rightness blankets the old situations, covering up the past and allowing a new environment to bring new energies into our life. We are able to sign on the dotted line to eliminate the past and to commit to our new directions, opening the doors granting us freedom. Walking through this week becomes the important transition out of the holds of the past and into the new environment of freedom. The New Moon on September 15th at 23 Virgo give us the new beginnings that hold the new feelings of freedom. This long walk during this week sees many situations leave our life and become key as our new future begins to shine and pull us forward. The time from Monday’s aspect of Sun connection to Mercury to the New Moon on September 15th becomes the ultimate passage into freedom.

September 16th through September 22nd
This week, September 16th through September 22nd, we emerge from the doorway of freedom into the orientation week that brings shifts and changes to our life. Mercury moves into libra on Sunday, which brings balance and harmony into this time. Mercury will ultimately move to connect with Saturn in the last degrees of libra on October 5th, before both move into Scorpio. This last walkthrough of Mercury in Libra brings in important aspects of our efforts in relationships to emphasize balance and harmony for our efforts since Saturn first moved into Libra in November 2009. Our commitment to relationships and to give to others all that we would want if we were in their shoes begins to be seen. Mercury moving into Libra begins to unfold many options and opportunities because of our actions. Pluto turns direct on Monday, which emphasizes the power we have used in this process. Uranus square Pluto brings changes according to the motives of this power and the focus of our actions. Thursday, September 20th, brings very important information to the surface as Mercury and Uranus align to become the power source behind key changes. The events that occur on Thursday are instrumental to turn and open the next doors to move forward. Saturday, Sun moves into Libra to shine the light onto the information that began streaming into our world on the 16th as Mercury moved into Libra.

September 23rd through September 29th
This week, September 23rd through September 29th, brings events and specific aspects that unfold the situations to close up one chapter before we move to the next. We have a lot of meetings and discussions the early part of the week as we look to make important transitions out of one environment into another, which become the evolution out of the encumbered status and into an official status of freedom. Thursday takes the decisions from the discussions and begins to unfold the pathway we need to follow to evolve past the old encumbered status, with the tentacles of situations grabbing at us, to the new transitions pulling us down the right pathway. Friday night, the nearly Full Moon rises and we begin to see through this illuminating time the symbolic pathway that has emerged simultaneously with the events of this last week in September. We can see the illuminating light, even as the midnight moon shines, creating the sheen that lights our pathway. Saturday morning Sun and Uranus connect bringing the actual events from September 20th into reality. As our new reality emerges and evolves in our life, the Full Moon of 7 Libra/7 Aries provides the magnetic pull that also casts the illuminating glow allowing us to see the symbolic purpose of these events. The Full Moon rises Saturday night gifting us with an inner glow that brings a completion to many of the events and circumstances of the past. We can say farewell to the old issues, the old situations knowing that they no longer drive our life, instead, freedom has become the driver of the transitions into our future. The Full Moon Farewell allows us to shed the old situations and their pull. Taking off the old reveals the new freedom and symbolic situations that now hold our future.

September 30th through October 6th
This week, September 30th through October 6th becomes the transition from one stage of life into a completely different stage. As if the carosel of time is making a major shift. The important transitions that occur this week bring Mercury to connect to Saturn in the last degrees of Libra. This becomes the information prompting changes to reveal our efforts in relationships to the transition of Mercury and Saturn moving together into Scorpio on October 5th. This becomes an important phase as Saturn moves into a different sign every 2 years. The shift out of Libra and the shift into Scorpio begin to make a major swing of energies in our life. The focus of Libra is balance, harmony and relationships. The focus of Scorpio is to view a deeper level of motives, ethics, and the passion of our spiritual sense of purpose. Mercury and Saturn moving into Scorpio bring a new level of information, awareness and purpose into our life. We will begin to see the true motives, ethics and purpose bubble up to the surface. Many of the elements that become visible will be beyond our control as the true essence of our being can only bring to the surface the qualities that are deep below the surface. This shifts the qualities we express and reveal through our thoughts, actions and deeds. With this new theme emerging October unfolds our new pathway to reveal our true purpose.

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