From my friend Suzan…love ya’-A.M.

Are you having  “jingle bells concert” in your ears for the Christmas? :))
Here is a quotation from a story of a women about her spiritual awakening. 
It’s something important to be aware of, and if you’re having them, you’ll  know how to handle the situation.
Girl listening with her hand on an ear“I don’t know if anyone ever told you this, but the more you meditate and study spiritual things the more the ‘ringing in the ears’ increases. 
Ringing in the Right Ear=Message from the Angelic Kingdom and concerning a healing message for you. 
Ringing in the Left Ear=a message from our Space Allies. 
I have frequent ringing. On the human/physical level I do not understand the message, but my guides assure me that my “soul knows.”  
When the ringing starts I look at the clock and say, “Acknowledging transmission Earth date [such and such] and Earth time [such and such].  
I have a hearing problem with my left ear.  It has been that way since I was in grade school.  When I get my ears examined, I get told I should be totally deaf in that ear because of the scar tissue from the surgery, but I hear fine … more with my spiritual hearing probably than my physical”.