The main theme for April is POWER.


This month you will get to look at all things related to power. All of your old patterns, belief systems, reactions, experiences, trust or mistrust, resistance, desire, access; all of it is up for observation, recapitulation, clearing, re-defining, clarifying and re-negotiating. This is the opportunity to free yourself from your old beliefs about power and the old paradigm in which those beliefs live. You will be able to look at your self-imposed limitations, hopefully clear them, and make some bids for power this month that will move you into your next level of expansion and evolution.

Everything this month will be powerful. From events to reactions and personal experiences, everything is potentiated with a greater energy and vitality. For many of you this will come as an exciting and welcome opportunity for moving ahead with your dreams and goals. For some of you this may be a difficult time of resistance and feeling overwhelmed, especially if you are not used to handling large amounts of energy. Psychologically it is an interesting time as the construct of the mind and how it sees things is truly being put to the test.

The instinctive center continues to regurgitate material that needs to be looked at and in most cases discarded without giving it too much power. If you are reacting strongly in a negative or confused way, that does not seem to have any connection to what is going on currently in your life, you can be sure it is instinctive material from the past that is still somehow running the show and getting in the way of all your great possibilities. It is important that you not judge what is coming up but rather see it as a positive opportunity to do some more deep cleaning and clearing. Acknowledge it for what it is; old stuff, and let it go.

Martyrdom is also up in spades this month as people grapple with the “why” of feeling powerless. Even if martyrdom is not your personal obstacle, you may feel it some. Beneath all martyrdom is anger so you need to be aware of your reactions as well as the reactions of others. You may witness some pretty bad behavior out there this month with blame, jealousy and aggression especially among the younger souls. Have compassion, curb your own reactions and don’t take anything personally. The martyrdom will especially show up around failed bids for power.

What is a bid for power? A bid for power is a decision and action taken towards something you want in your life. It is usually very exciting and a bit scary and it definitely pushes the envelope of your comfort zone. It always takes you into the unknown territory of doing something for the first time. It requires an element of courage and some risk. The bid can be about work, relationship, personal growth, health, knowledge, leadership, personal environment, finances, responsibility and/or many other things. Being decisive and taking action are the operative words. True bids for power do not usually rest only on words. The action is necessary.

The universe is very responsive to a true bid for power. You will quickly find out whether or not you are ready, or if the bid is important enough for your essence goals to be viable. Whenever you make a bid for power, you will always be tested. The test itself will tell you if you are on the right track. What can get in the way of a bid for power? Not being ready, or making the bid from a place of arrogance or impatience, or the bid being based on someone else’s dream.

There are many stories of people being offered what looks like the perfect situation and then backing away at the last minute because it is not what they really want. There are equally as many stories of people trying something and failing because they were not ready. It is important to hold all failures as trial runs and opportunities for learning. It is not ok to sit around and do nothing in these times. They require you to be active in working with power and to make concrete decisions and choices about how you will step forward into more power.

It is important to understand that in these times, healing will take place no matter what. So it is up to you. You can be in resistance to it, which will cause pain and suffering, or you can get on with the program. Part of the healing is the healing of the masculine that is connected with the understanding and use/abuse of power up to this point. A great forgiveness is called for to release the masculine principle from the role it has served over these past centuries. It has done its job of anchoring the physical plane and all of its concrete belief systems but now the times have changed and we need to liberate the construct if we are to move on. On a personal level, the healing is about healing your relationship to power and forgiving everything that has compromised your relationship with your own power.

We need to clarify the definition of what power is. Power is an energy. It is an enhanced ability to manifest. It is knowledge, ability, wisdom, well-being and inner security. True power is something no one can take from you. So true power is never anything external that can be de-valued or repossessed. Power is your health, talent, service, higher mind, ability to love and to be neutral, your creativity and ability to understand and work with the quantum field. The more you understand about power this month the better advantage you will have to take of the opportunities. It is a good exercise to contemplate all of your beliefs about power; powerful people, powerful events, how you define your own power, how you interact with power, how you resist or embrace it, your fear of power or your fear of power in others. Ask yourself if you are still in an old paradigm and what may need to change.

You may have been told in the past that in order to become more powerful it is a good idea to spend time around powerful people. This is still true, but with the distinction that the more powerful person should be in their true power, their inner power. It is also helpful to spend time with and around powerful allies, places, elements and nature. If you do this with intention, acknowledgement, presence and gratitude, you will gain much in the way of more personal power. One of the best ways you can empower yourself is by spending time in nature and in contemplation. There is no competition and no ego involved. We always recommend solo time as a practice to become more powerful.

There is an element of tension this month that can manifest either negatively or positively. Tension builds energy that can either show up as irritability and aggression or be a productive manifestation of a bid for power. Because of the tension it is advisable that you have an outlet for the moving center this month. Make sure to get enough regular exercise that you can put some aggression behind. Otherwise you will find yourself not sleeping well and being agitated about unimportant things.

Pay attention to where your thoughts go this month. Remember that the universe is very receptive and will feed you back what you put out. If you are getting garbage, you are giving garbage. Watch where your thoughts get hung up, as this is a powerful time to clean up your thoughts and beliefs. If you find yourself in a funk, ask yourself what you may have been putting out that created it instead of what something out there did to you to put you in that state. Reworking the mental process and waking up the higher mind takes discipline and focus. No one said it was going to be easy but it will be incredibly rewarding. Ask and you shall receive!

The challenges this month:

Feeling and experiencing: Martyrdom, blame, feeling powerless, stuck, despairing, angry, resentful, agitated, overwhelmed, confused, and like a complete failure.

The opportunities this month:

Getting over yourself, becoming more powerful, releasing old beliefs, becoming free of other’s expectations, manifesting in a big way, learning some lessons once and for all, becoming available for all the gifts and opportunities.


Helpful practices:

Spend time with that and those of more power than you

Pay close attention to what is coming up and deal with it accordingly

Keep things moving, exercise daily

Don’t take anything personally

Make a bid for power somewhere in your life




This month provides an opportunity to go after something you have wanted to do or be for a long time and never had the courage or commitment to do. It also provides an opportunity for some major house cleaning of instinctive material and an old belief system that stand in your way of more power. Don’t waste this month. It truly is a time to stand up against the norm and push the envelope a bit. If you hear, “you can’t do that!” respond with, “who says?” and make sure you are listening to the right voice, the voice of spirit and your essence and not of your ego or false personality. Your choices count and you have power. You just have to start believing it.




Some bids for power this month will be around relationships, either taking current ones to a new level, initiating something new, or making a necessary change that you have been afraid to do. If you have withheld true feelings, this is the time to come out with them. If you have been in denial about the truth surrounding a relationship, this is the time to face it and make a bid for power through a decisive action. People afraid to leave a bad marriage due to fear or security will find the courage to make a move. People afraid to commit to the love of their life because of some previous betrayal or trauma will find the courage to make the leap. People keeping others at arms length because of mistrust issues will decide to have faith. And those that have not honored the primary relationship with self and with spirit will get a chance to renew that particular commitment to take care of themselves better as their bid for power.



Everything will be more powerful and potent this month and the environment, especially weather and climate, will be no different. Watch for drama in the weather and dramatic reactions to the drama in the weather. Learn from the environment as it has power. Don’t resist and suffer and judge what you can’t change or influence. If you always see yourself as a co-creator in all environmental experiences, you will approach them from a position of power. You choose it and you create it. Don’t be martyred and at the effect of it. Practice this on a daily basis. Wake up and powerfully proclaim that the weather is exactly how you ordered it.

We are likely to see some powerful earth expressions as Mother Nature reminds us who is boss. We are at a time where we need to learn to work with instead of against nature and her cycles. Beware of the beliefs that revolve around what “usually” happens or “usual” patterns. What we consider to be unseasonable or unusual may just become the norm. Be neutral about how it is and have it always be your choice.




The breakthrough here is to acknowledge just how incredibly powerful the body actually is. Part of the illusion and belief we have been living under is that the body is powerless against certain circumstances and is limited in its ability to heal, to regenerate and to perform what we consider to be incredible feats of strength and endurance. We are limited by our beliefs and the beliefs of the collective. We have a program that tells us the limits of our longevity, our physical strength, our ability to heal certain illnesses, our vulnerability to disease and the general function of the body as it performs in the physical environment. What if this were to be different? More different that you can imagine. What would that look like? A good thing to contemplate this month.

Since this is also the time of looking at the masculine principle and healing what we can, the third chakra or solar plexus area will be affected: Digestion, gall bladder, liver, adrenals and general energy levels. This is also a month where you will have to watch for broken bones and teeth as it is a time when very deep old patterns are coming to the surface to be discarded or changed. It is always better to tackle what comes up and face it full on avoiding the harsher lessons that come with breakage.

Get plenty of exercise, eat yang foods, and rest when you need to.



Think of what you can do to empower this area of your life. Perhaps it will turn into a bid for power or maybe you will just put some energy into your business, finances and projects. Be clear and be organized. The universe likes that. Maybe you just need a new carpet, or maybe you need to get rid of some dead wood and bring in some new blood. A bid could include an expansion or a launching of a new project. Make sure you are ready and then go for it with excitement and enthusiasm.

We do recommend that whatever you are used to procrastinating in past years (like your taxes), you do them on time this year. And if you have unfinished projects that need your attention, it will empower you to put some energy into them and to catch up with where you are behind. Any bit of completion you manage this month will greatly empower you as you will feel a sense of accomplishment and release.

And if you are making a bid for power, pay attention to how it unfolds. Adjust if needed without judgment and pay attention to all the details, as they will be important.




Power posturing, strategy and appearance will all play big roles in global politics and the great game of power being played on the global stage. We don’t really know how this will show up or what will finally break the chokehold of the old paradigm, but we do know that things will change and healing will take place no matter what. Stay away from identifying too strongly with the power postures, as they have no depth. We may be in for some surprises as new faces emerge and claim their right to throw in for the big prizes. The face of politics is changing and the way the game is played will change as well. This has to begin with the general public who is pushing for a new paradigm and a new level of honesty and trust and humility. We’ll see…..


April 1-6: Recapitulation begins. Watch for signs to show up indicating where you need work. Where do you feel powerless in your life right now? Did you always feel powerless in this area? When did that start? Where are you hiding? Tell the truth. What did you always want to do or to be? What do you have a desire for right now? Get out into nature and pay attention to what the universe is guiding you to do or to notice right now. As Mercury ends its retrograde during this time, do some work on preparing for a bid for power however that wishes to manifest. If it feels overwhelming, bring it back to the first step, the first baby step. And go for it. But only if you are ready and it is not driven by ego or false personality.


April 6: Full Moon is at 1:19 PM Mountain Daylight Time. Mercury has gone direct
on April 4th and it is all systems go. If you have recently made a bid for power this is a time you will likely be tested on that bid. If everything is as it should be, you should feel a sense of power and expansion and there are signs along the way that you are on the right track. The universe wants to know if you are ready and serious.

What could stand in the way? Impatience, martyrdom, self deprecation, arrogance and all of the other lovely obstacles that derail us every day. If you are being shown you are not ready, revisit your bid and see where you need more support, more commitment and more clarity. The bids that fail are usually lacking in something that truly makes them yours. Make sure no one else is influencing what you are trying to accomplish. That is the key. Regardless of what your experience is at this time, practice copious amounts of gratitude. It is the fuel that will keep things moving in the right direction.

*For more information regarding the obstacles you can order the e-bookThe 7 Obstacles (link here), or audio Mps’s: Study Group Series Obstacles: Impatience/Martyrdom (link here)Study Group Series Obstacles: Self-Destruction/Greed (link here)Study Group Series-Obstacles: Self-Depreciation/Arrogance (link here), or Study Group Series-Obstacles: Stubbornnes (link here).

April 7-14: The times could feel topsy turvy as you may not be able to discern whether your bids for power are manifesting positively or not. There is a lot going on at this time and any attempt to control or dominate it will be met with failure. For example, one day you may get great and uplifting news and the next day it could be the complete opposite. You can see that with this type of uncertainty it is even more important to be clear about what you want and to take these obstacles in stride and become neutral in the face of your challenges as quickly as possible. The less energy you spend on unimportant things the easier it will be for you to continue moving forward. Curb your energy leaks and pay attention to where you spend your time and where you put your energy. It will be clear what you have to weed out in order to continue on the right path.

April 15-21: This is reward time for timely and appropriate bids for power. Either you will feel incredibly empowered by what is happening in your life or you will be going back to the drawing board if your bid for power needs to be reworked or refined. This is also a time to be paying attention to details and keeping your focus. Don’t get distracted by drama and other peoples reactions. There is tension at this time that can be harnessed and used powerfully or manifested in unattractive ways. Watch the tendency for fixing or bringing others along especially if you are experiencing success. This is often the result of feeling guilt or shame that you are doing well while others are suffering. Think of yourself as the light at the end of a dark tunnel. If you join the suffering masses there will be no one to light the way. If you are struggling, stay out of judgment, martyrdom and self-pity. Be ruthless about getting yourself back to neutral and reboot.

April 21: New Moon is at 1:20 AM Mountain Daylight Time. For this new moon we suggest spending a few hours in the power of silence. Feel the power of the still point of the new moon and honor the still point in yourself that allows for things to be reset if needed. This is the great void where all possibilities exist. See if you can become aware in your silence of the void and its power. From this place, anything is possible and that is a powerful place to be.

April 22-30:

The energy evens out a bit during this time giving you the opportunity to move more into observation of what you are involved in power-wise and otherwise.  Tell the truth about where you are, and if things have been difficult. Have the courage as a bid for power to ask for help and to go back to the drawing board on the changes you need to make and the bids for power that you wish to manifest. This time frame also speaks to community and relationship and sharing and support as a powerful glue to keep you on track. Spend time in nature, watch your power leaks and your practices of empowerment from more powerful things and keep moving the body. During this time, the body may manifest more clearly what is already your internal process. Forgive the masculine, have gratitude for the sun and your life and become the expression of the powerful being that you are.

Have a wonderful month!


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