For my friend Therese, a true Light Warrioress for The Cause….enjoy!-A.M.



1} Introduction

2} In The Beginning

3} Archangel Michael

4} Michael and Christ

5} God and Cosmos

6} Light and Dark

7} Earth’s Fate

8} The Human Contribution

9} Michael with Humans

10} Michael on Earth

11} Angels on Earth

12} The Fate of the Universe




Who is He our most known Angel? This is the first in depth book about and by Archangel Michael. It has come about to give answers to many questions that have been asked throughout time. It is first now that humanity is mature enough to have a deeper understanding of the cosmic drama that is being played out on and around Earth.

We are living in the End Times, when the final settlement takes place in the battle between Light and Dark – the two cosmic primitive forces. This affects the whole Earth and humanity’s existence. We ourselves are to a high degree a part of this – through every single deed and thought we affect the outcome.

Archangel Michael is coming now in our time ever stronger to the people. He does not only work in the Higher Spheres but is in the highest degree taking part on every level in the development on Earth. Michael and other Archangels have descended to our Earth. He is alive here in a physical body among us. It is up to us to sense the Archangels and work for them just like They work for us. They give everything for the plan for Earth.


One of the usual questions about angels is if they have wings or if that is only a symbol for a cosmic messenger. Wings as a symbol stand for freedom, widened perspective, and closeness to Heaven and a source of Light within God. Archangels’ wings are not symbolic – they are real. Development of wings is a natural extension of the energy streams that pass through the bodies of life forms. It is not only on the Spiritual plane that wings are physical. Archangels can even allow wings to take physical form when they exist in a physical body. Archangels are much older than most life forms on Earth. That is why it is the birds that have been created like the Archangel archetype and not the opposite.

A usual idea is that most Archangels are passive columns at Gods Throne. This idea encompasses Archangel Michael despite his active role in both biblical texts and in Middle Age visions. The truth is that these Cosmic and Planetary guardian Angels have numerous times descended and taken physical form in among others human form. That is why it is natural to be able to find Archangel Michael walking on a street or on board an interdimensional ship. No world, no shape is strange. A question here might be if it is possible to meet Archangel Michael and recognize Him? It is possible but unlikely that someone would recognise him if that were not the purpose. Michael hides both His Lightness and His wings well here on Earth. There are three possibilities for recognizing Him. A Messenger, an Angel, or a Being of Light can come to you for example in a vision to prepare you for your meeting with Michael. Michael can come to you directly in a dream or a vision and appear to you in His present physical form. You can also recognise Him if you are present when Michael channels His Spiritual power to Earth through His physical body and in that way reveals His true nature.

Through His limitlessness and His age Michael and all the other Archangels are well known throughout the entire Universe. These Beings are not bound to certain planets or developmental lines in the Universe. Their bodies are of Spirit and Their appearance is therefore created by the receivers’ receptive ability and maturity. They can seem different in different parts of the Universe, but the basic characteristics and qualities always remain the same. The clearer the receiver’s inner light is the clearer the Archangels true form appears.

One can say that Angels and Light Beings are very light in their structure and so relatively independent of material in this world. They can however only exist and appear in one place at one time. Archangels are limitless they are totally independent of materia, time, and space and that is why They can be present in an endless number of places simultaneously. Angels and Light Beings normally exist in higher dimensions and planes than Earth. From these planes they develop further until they reunite with God. Archangels on the other hand live in God. They are infinite and are found throughout the entire Universe, in all dimensions and planes. In appearance there is also a difference in the size of their wings. Archangels have much bigger wings and more importantly they make a much more powerful impression through their Light emanation through their existence in God.

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