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By Nick Redfern – 1 week 10 hours ago

For absolutely decades, rumors, tales and legends have surfaced to the effect that government agencies  all around the world and since at least the early to mid1800s onwards – have been secretly collecting and carefully studying data on bizarre beasts, extraordinary animals, and strange creatures. Lake monsters, psychic dogs and cats, sea serpents, flying monsters, werewolves, the Abominable Snowman, and the Unit huge, hair-covered man-beast known as Bigfoot: each and every one of them has attracted official, classified interest at one time or another, and sometimes for decades, no less. Not only that, those very same rumors, tales and legends have provoked numerous controversial and astounding questions, including…

Does the Pentagon’s top brass, deep in a secure underground bunker, secretly have one or more dead Bigfoot on ice? And, if so, has a study and autopsy of these unique corpses shown the creatures to simply be apes of a type that zoology has yet to officially categorize? Or, are they something far weirder? Might they possibly, and incredibly, even be beastly entities linked to the many and varied intricacies that lie behind the UFO phenomenon?
What bizarre truths are the militaries of the United States and the United Kingdom hiding from us about long-necked lake monsters, such as the famous Nessie of Scotland’s Loch Ness” Are they really surviving example of prehistoric creatures that we are assured became extinct millions of years ago? Or could they, in a very curious and convoluted fashion, be the curious and top secret creations of government itself?