Sunday, October 6, 2013

According to a tweet last night from KLAS Las Vegas 8 News Now investigative reporter George Knapp, the government shutdown has even affected the workers at Area 51, the top secret Air Force base in Nevada that is rumored to house crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Last night Knapp tweeted: “Govt. shutdown hits Area 51. Flights from LV to Groom Lake are suspended. Top-secret Employees furloughed.”

The flights Knapp is tweeting about are referred to as “Janet Airlines.” These are a fleet of unmarked Boeing 737s managed by government contractor EG&G that fly out of McCarren International airport in Las Vegas to the Area 51 facilities near the Groom Lake dry lakebed in the U.S. military’s Nevada Test and Training Range. These flights shuttle employees at the top secret facilities back and forth from Las Vegas on a daily basis. They are noted for their one red stripe down the fuselage.

We just received an email from George Knapp. He says that they had observed the regularly scheduled daily flights appear to have stopped. He also says he checked with sources that notified them “current employees were sent home until further notice.” However, no one would go on the record. He also notes, “I’m sure there are some contractors still there at Groom–especially security— but the bulk of whatever they are working on is suspended for now.”

Knapp says that KLAS 8 News Now is planning on airing more details tonight, so those of you in the Las Vegas area be sure to tune in, the rest of us will need to keep an eye on their website for more.