Stay tuned for this interview on Thursday regarding Ari’s major transformation after receiving her implant removal process…-A.M.

In this episode of Shattering the Matrix, Serena interviews Ari Kopel.

Because of Ari’s spiritual background and being “born awake”, her relationship with Ascended Masters, Ultra-terrestrials and the Host of Heaven, she thought she was impervious to implants. She quickly found out that she was wrong about that.

Ari shares the epiphany she had the same day as this recording.

Listen to this candid interview, as Ari decides to become “transparent” to everyone. She discloses the implant removal that was done on her and the transformation that ensued as a consequence. She shares very personal and emotional information, in order to further help in “shattering” this matrix, giving everyone who listens the opportunity to realize that all of us have been compromised and that there is hope to turn things around.

The information shared and emotions felt are real and raw. The information shared is one that could be transformational and life-changing for many.

**It is our sincere desire that the information shared is not used to judge but to edify, and that the courage it took to become transparent is not in vain.

Please do not miss this episode of Shattering The Matrix!

Thursday, November 14th at 6pm PST/9pm EST!

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