Two common questions I receive on a regular basis are

1. “Why do I get leg cramps that awaken me from sleep?” and,

2. “What is causing my headache?”. (Part 1 of 2)  

Surprisingly, the answers to these two questions have a common answer. Simply put- Hydration and Electrolyte Balance!  There are some more serious reasons why and people suffer from headaches and leg cramps but usually they have not been getting enough water or minerals and salts (electrolytes). The number one reason for each of these problems is related to water!

You do not have to be thirsty to be dehydrated. Eating or drinking anything with sugar in it negates all of the water content of the food or drink. Our bodies NEED plain old water.  Coffee, tea, juice, milk and soda do not really count.

Try eating an orange or banana for its balanced mineral content. Most of my patients who complain of nighttime leg cramps or headaches report that adding some extra water during the day and eating an orange or banana before bed is helpful and usually eliminates their complaints.


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