Message from Serenity and The Universal Beings of Light

June 14, 2012

feel-safeAn incredible silence came over me this morning, the likeness of one who mourns the loss of a loved one.  I could not figure out what it was related to and this only lead to a place of confusion.  With such overwhelming love blanketing the planet and less interference from the dark, why was I feeling such a despondency?  I went within for answers, as nothing I could do throughout the day could distract me from this feeling of a void.

Serenity told me that this was being felt across the world.  As we have gotten closer to the inevitable cessation of an old world, we too, have given way to the missing parts of ourselves that found joy and adventure in those 3D moments and memories of our lives.  I was told that what I was feeling was what the world  endured; a sense of exhaustion, repression, but mostly the fear of leaving something familiar to test the waters with something completely new and foreign, something we had never ventured to experience before.  It is as if we are bungee jumping for the first time, exhilarated by the rush of not knowing the outcome and at the same time feeling the apprehension of what can be disadvantageous or destructive.

The point is what will happen will happen, and we have little to do with the Divine Decrees that have been established.  We can only influence the timing.  They are happening as I write this article.  There are signs everywhere; the clear skies without the pall of incessant chemtrailing, the angry commentaries of news reporters and politicians actually being printed and highlighted for everyone to see, some of the largest financial institutions licking their wounds after being taken to court and found guilty of fraud, and the humbling of several tyrannical world leaders, several who have been arrested and sentenced.  I am reminded that things are coming to an end, a time of celebration is at hand.   But isn’t it so natural to mourn the disappearance of something we have been conditioned to think we are so sure of even if it is an illusion?  In actuality, haven’t we only become conditioned to never know if we will ever have enough to survive on?  Even the wealthiest on the planet have invested in insurance and stockpiled money by the droves.  But to insure for what?  What are we trying to hedge ourselves from experiencing? It is all tied up in surviving.

So now we must face that we have no control nor have we ever.  We have played this game of survival well but it is a game that has outlived its usefulness.  It is time for us to expand our horizons, more than we even realize.  And that means we must trust those of a higher vibration to guide us to another way of perceiving, another way of living, a future where ALL men and women are treated equally, where no one is lacking necessities, including love and acceptance.  It is time for us to stand up and be counted.  It is now time to believe that this shift in power really is happening.

Many of us as Lightworkers do whatever we can to promote growth wherever we go, and in so doing we grow ourselves.  But even we have that niggling sensation of doubt in the back of our minds, “could this be another false alarm?”  Serenity states that this is not the case.  We have reached exponential levels of confidence, support, frequency, magic, and “metaphysical timing” to reach a place of no return.  We are at this fork in the road and can feel our hearts quicken with the ramifications of which turn we are to take.

Many of us are hungry to move on, step forward, proceed ahead with those “missions” that are near and dear to our hearts.  However, we are delayed time and time again due to distractions, lack of resources, and yes, fear my Dear Ones.  The fear that you will fail your ultimate mission to assist in freeing the Earth of its captives and all the destruction that came with them.   But this failure does not exist and is no longer possible.  We have succeeded victoriously and want all of you to know that we want you celebrate with us.  The time has come for all of us to prepare for the party.

Now that party may not be what we perceive a party to be.  Most will not be able to connect the dots of all that crumbles around them, but you My Dears, will be there to clear the record.  You KNOW what is about to happen.  Ask Your Higher Self what it anticipates, not your mind.  Ask Your Soul to move and undulate in resonance with what is in your future.  You are here My Dear Ones to clarify for the others that there is hope, there is a respite near, and a period of relief coming soon for all to experience!  One which is impossible to describe, but nevertheless, one which you will “feel” sensations you have never felt before.  Do not allow the  physical body or the monkey mind to fear this amazing occurrence.  Allow yourself to be “on the ride” but not the driver.  Give of yourself completely and totally to the True One Source of Love and Light that gives to you each day, each minute, each breath.  For you will soon realize just how blessed you have been and how wonderful all life is.  You will remember why you are here and literally feel compelled to drop to your knees when you acknowledge all of the Beings of Light that have supported this venture and assisted you, coaxing you out of your deep sleep and into a trusting pair of arms with your best interest at heart.  You will never see or feel life the same.  All of life will be free!  Do you hear me?  All of you will be free!  None of you truly knows what that feels like in the 3D world you have lived in.

Now do you see that it is time?  Let go of any resistance you may have that this can’t happen now and open your hearts to heaven and the infinite possibilities that it presents.  Envision a door opening up within your heart and directly receiving a path of Light from Mother Father God.  See yourself as you truly are, sovereign and free.

We love you and are monitoring your path at all times.  Feel free to know you are safe and all is well.

Serenity and The Universal Beings of Light

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