A Guide to Decreeing – Sewing Change:  by GaiaBeth

Many groups and individuals have been preparing the way for world peace, harmony, enlightenment and ascension through meditations, prayers, decreeing and intention, increasing the power of Humanity’s and Gaia’s light-energy. Our September article “FOLLOW YOUR THREAD” was written in hope of helping create a path for those looking for a solid way to contribute -through intentions, prayer and decreeing.  This is a follow up to that article.

Blessed Ones, Are you currently practicing a daily prayer, meditation, intention or decreeing?  Our world needs your positive energy; YOU can make a difference! It’s never too late to begin. Choose intentions and decrees that resonate with your heart. Invite your friends to contribute. Many of us have a role to play in changing our world. Are you one? Yes! Now, is the time to consciously be present and contribute.  Please join us.

This author has been an intense, yet discreet light-worker for three decades; but, a solo light worker for the last decade.  She’s been in search of the self-confidence to stand-up and invite others to help her change our world. Last month (11/2012) she met a man who speaks the language that her Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, the Ascended Masters and Seven Mighty Elohim taught her.

This man is the first human she has met in decades who teaches others by speaking from his Beloved Mighty I AM presence. (Thank you, Rob Potter for giving this author confidence to speak the lessons of the Ascended Masters). Rarely has she spoken of the Ascended Masters’ and Seven Mighty Elohim’s instructions in public; but that is changing today.

Ascended Masters

I AM accepting my responsibility to share this simple and profound knowledge. I am tremendously grateful that, in the last year, scores of people are surfacing who are being called to know their Divine Mighty I AM Presence, and who yearn to produce global freedom and ascension. There are individuals using the Masters’ and Elohims’ jargon without true comprehension of the concepts. Here are a couple of the Ascended Masters’ key points:

Point #1: Each of us has the responsibility to choose every aspect of our life. We have absolute power over the decisions we make in our lives. If you do not like the way your life is going, YOU have the power to change it regardless of any other circumstances. WE (if you choose to accept), also have the conscientiousness to free humanity! Two of the keys are:

1. ultimately our personal triumphs are achieved through devotion to the spirit within (our individualized God-Presence);

2. successful cultivation of inner peace in all situations

Temple of the Galactic Central Sun

We are forced into cycles of Earthly incarnations. We must acknowledge we create our material world once we are physically embodied. It is time to be free of the necessity of Earthly incarnation by choosing true everlasting freedom. The eternal truth is that we are a life-stream-wave of love and light from the Great Galactic Central Sun.

The Masters teach that emotional and physical self-control in every situation is necessary to attain freedom. Uncontrolled emotions cause enormous energetic effects. These negative thought waves accumulate on the physical, etheric and astral planes creating disharmonious energies. These energies are easily absorbed by those who do not intend differently. This energy can emotionally demolish those who do not stand well-founded in pure intentions of love.

This is why we must consistently take the energy of the emotional body in hand, and command it “to be still and obey” the Law of Purity, Peace and Harmony of the “Mighty I AM Presence.” This is a key.

By definitely commanding control of ourselves, we are creating freedom. According to the Masters and Elohim it is absolutely necessary to maintain uninterrupted Harmony in all we do each day, especially in all we feel each day. This personifies control of one’s ego and being accountable to one’s word with clear concise communication. The Ascended Masters and Seven Mighty Elohim require us to live by society’s laws, while also holding ourselves to a higher standard.

Mighty I AM Presence

Point #2: In instances where we momentarily lose control of our peace and love (indulging our ego) we have the use of the Violet Unfed Flame. In the last century the Ascended Master Saint Germain introduced the Unfed Violet Consuming Flame to humanity to dissolve discordant creation of the past and present. When the Violet Flame is called into action It increases the vibratory action of the electronic substance to a rate where dissonance and imperfection cannot exist. 

The Violet Flame is the Activity of the Sacred Fire and is Cleansing, Harmonizing, Uplifting, and Illumining —It invokes the Divine Love of the “Mighty I AM Presence”,  purifying one’s energy fields. Use of the Violet Flame is necessary for freedom and ascendance.  The Violet Flame is called into action and materializes from one’s feet, up. Use the Violet Flame daily to dissolve accidental creations and their cause and effect. It should not be relied upon to dissolve discordance due to laxity in self-control.  Individuals must consistently maintain self-control, live a constructive life and employ the use of the Violet Flame.

Point #3: Call to your Mighty I AM Presence every morning upon awakening. With sincerity, invoke your Mighty I AM Presence throughout the day adding your personal intentions and decrees. The gifts of your Presence are constantly flowing. Ask for them and demand them with clear confident, resonant decrees. Most importantly, ask your Presence for strength to stay in the moment in love and light. Ask to consistently create constructively.

The moment you invite your “Presence”, feel and see the White Light Ray come down from the Heart of the Great Galactic Central Sun through the Heart of your Higher Mental Body, down into the brain structure of your physical body, and then spread Its Radiance through your own Triple Heart Flame and through the Seven Flames of the Seven Mighty Elohim in your forehead. Feel the Brilliance spread into the physical body as Strength, Energy, Purity and Illumination.


Survival through the present chaotic period of centuries of accumulated discord generated by humanity en masse, presses heavily upon the outer experience of individuals today. This is why we need many sincere participants working together to brighten the LIGHT by connecting to our God-selves! If one shuts out his I AM Presence or does not keep the attention on that which is constructive, the outer self closes the door to receiving the Gifts that are constantly flowing. These individuals are more at risk for falling prey to their ego and the effects of the accumulated discord. Upon recognition of this one need only to summon his Presence and employ the Violet Flame, and it is done. The present condition of the outer world is such that those who sincerely seek the Light and want the Constructive Way of Life have the Ascended Masters’ and Elohims’ assistance.

The Ascended Master Saint Germain says, “It is the most important Understanding mankind can ever have; and there is no Freedom nor Perfection for the individual, except through this conscious application.”

Ascended Master Saint Germain


  • Invoke your Mighty I AM Presence
  • Pull down your personal protective tube of light
  • Recite your intentions/decree(s). Commit to stating or meditation-on your chosen Intentions/Decree(s)
  • Use all of your senses as you decree (visualize, feel the vibration of the words, create an associated taste or smell…).
    Feel the light and love in your three-fold heart-center, imagine the brilliant light around you and your words.
    Sense or see the waves you are creating –like the rings of a drop of water into the whole substance of energy.
    Continue your meditation session until you feel complete.
  • Repeat until your entire consciousness resonates with your decree(s) and intention(s).
  • Repeat your decrees upon awakening and before falling asleep and many times throughout the day as you are lead.
    Take a moment to invoke the Mighty Unfed Violet Flame to dissolve all unintentional creation from the past and present, and disharmony.
  • Visualize or watch the violet light encircle you and your environment as it transmutes energies into pure white light energy. Feel love and light in your three fold heart emanating across the Earth.


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