A Different Perspective  – Part 1
with Bella

Ever thought about how you’re affected by the clothes you’re wearing?
Ever realized you are what you are wearing? Hard to believe? Read on….

Remember those days when you feel you ‘don’t have a thing to wear’? The clothes you have chosen are out of sync with how you are feeling

You may decide on a different color, design, or style – and it makes such a difference to your whole day!

Well, there is a science behind that ….

Welcome to the world and magic of the Science of Human Harmony. Devised by Taylore B Sinclaire over 30 years ago, it affirms what we already know instinctively, but it has taken mainstream scientists years to figure out:

  • We are all vibration
  • Everyone and everything has its own vibratory rate, frequency, tone
  • The range of frequencies/tones can be categorized into four distinct types
  • These types are expressed as Harmonic Tones –  Tone I, Tone II, Tone III and Tone IV
  • Each Tone has its own
    • Characteristics – words that accurately describe that Tone
    • Vibration of clothing and everything worn externally – from jewelry to shoes and handbags
    • By staying within that Tone frequency, someone can radically affect their frequency through correct choice of clothing and accessories
    • Anyone wearing their Tone will be raising their vibration, and thus maximizing their potential, enabling them to make a real difference in the world.

How do we know to which Tone we belong?

How do we wear the correct Tone?

What difference can this make to your life?

I became really fascinated with this whole science and began to see how this plays out in all aspects of our lives – even to home furnishings, how we plant our gardens, and how we affect others. More on this next month, in this series on Raising Your Vibration – By What You Wear…

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