May 24, 2012

original sinAs I have been traveling down the path of healing countless injuries from an automobile accident, it dawned on me that all healing seems to lead to one specific root cause; the release of self-punishment. I cannot count how many “healings” or sessions I have experienced, lifting one layer after another from the stored physical and emotional pain within my bodies. Being too numerous to count, in this journey I have suddenly had the realization that most instantaneous break-throughs have had more to do with releasing myself from a perceived judgment or punishment that I myself erected from another lifetime. The actual “cellular memory” that we store in particular areas of our body seems to involve more than the mere memory of a trauma or event, but rather the decision that we did something wrong, something we felt was injurious to another and ultimately to Source. Additionally, it has typically been narrowed down to feeling as if I failed Divinity somehow.

For well over a decade, I have been the recipient of energy work to clear everything from pain and immobility to childhood inflictions that I saw were obviously impacting my ability to progress. However, what I was not connecting was that the paradigm within the healing community has typically been founded on a “layer” approach, chipping away at whatever bits were affiliated with the intention of that healing or releasing what I was emotionally and personally prepared or capable of releasing. But what I am realizing now is that this “layered approach” that we so often lean on, due to a fear of placing the client in a potential healing crisis, is no longer valid in today’s energetic grid. We are now than ever before within a sphere of highly available, overly ready, and anticipatory fields to answer exactly what we expect or desire. The KEY is to clearly intend miraculous, instantaneous, permanent resolution to our pain, disease, illness, or suffering. This is crucial not only for the healee but for the healer. No longer should energy healings be oriented towards a limited foundational thought of what can they handle, but more towards preparing the client for an immediate and final resolution.

It is as if those of us in the alternative healing community have had to do it the time-consuming, arduous way, making headway inch by inch. But what if all of these experiences were “called in” by us unitedly, the healing community that is, for the specific purpose to see the ultimate destination to all healing….to intuit the true cause by our numerable experiences….so that we could then see that we truly are multi-dimensional beings who have fragmented ourselves a multitude of times to try to get things right. But then realize there was nothing right to get? It isn’t our bodies that have imperfections but the thoughts we have regarding our sacred bodies that needs to be addressed.

What if the reasons we agreed to multiple incarnations was because the “getting it right” began with a very young soul, inadvertently doing something totally and unknowingly inappropriate just like that of a 7 year old? What if we made such an inaccurate decision early on that caused the pain, suffering, and worse yet, the death of another, that we stored that first memory as the “reset button?” You know, the original sin (which means missing the mark), where we could actually see the moment as to why we “fell,” believing that we were not of Source and less than Source?

So, I have this theory that our individual original sins are our first faux pas in physical bodies, where we experienced free will and diverted ourselves from working effortlessly, in alignment with Spirit. We learned to maneuver through life perceiving ourselves separate from the ALL IS with a completely new and foreign guidance system, mainly through our egos. We then inadvertently created this “mind matrix” we live within now because we perceived that we could not survive in the new system.

So here we are watching our current morphogenic field crumble from within. Financial systems are being exposed, politicians are being caught for what they really say, and governments are failing right left and center. The Puppeteers are losing control and their exposure is presenting itself everywhere. Since we are a microcosm of that which we operate within, then isn’t this time of dismantling the world also triggering a call within our hearts to release core misunderstandings and face our truths? But what if our core misunderstanding is as simple as a decision we once made within a prior incarnation that we were bad and deserved to be punished for it?

It has been shown to me that stepping into the 5D involves moving away from polarization and opinionated foundations and moving towards centered thought, holistic perspectives, acceptance of that which is not in our view, the unknown for our conscious minds. Stepping into 5D also involves removal from a separatist concept; that we truly are linked, connected, and in energetic communication with EVERYTHING around us whether we are consciously aware of it or not. 5D presents us with the new construct of creating WITHOUT effort, and this is truly where the fall once began. It was at that point that each of us began to suffer the ramifications of a perceived abandonment from Source, because we had never needed before the fall, nor experienced lack, or the concept that there was something we could not attain. It was at the point of Lucifer questioning whether he was as good as his Father that the concept of limitation was created. And with that limiting question we created a perceived, defined, and limited matrix, and therefore began viewing ourselves as limited as well.

So after initiating several healings on others (human and animal), I was presented by Father Mother God with this perspective. There are many of us in this pivotal year of 2012, facing overwhelming issues of pain and agony with our physical bodies or our emotional states. What I say to you now is to consider that this is the time to ask for the “original sin” to be plucked out. It is not necessary to know what the original decision was, just to be open to clear it and all that has been corded to it. Call on Father Mother God, the Ascended Masters, The Galactic Federation of Light, The Angelic Kingdom, or Whomever your Guidance may be to connect with your energies and to finally call forth your original sin/decision. If you are interested, ask them to reveal what it looks like or which lifetime it was in. Perceive the Violet Flame dissipating this original decision, purifying your body of all its remnants. Command that it be transformed into a more positive productive energy sent back to Source. I feel it is best that we not drain all of our miscreations into Mother Earth right now, as she has her hands full with a myriad of adjustments she is making on account of her ascension process and desire to protect as many of us as possible through this current transition.

I genuinely hope that this will assist you on your road to healing. But I would like to point out that the true You need not be healed. It is the original sin/original decision of what you thought you were/are or what you thought you were/are not that needs to be healed and released. In addition, in these amazingly high energies today, instantaneous discoveries and releases are the new and common way.

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