Have you ever wondered why there is so much hype around these triple date events?  There is a slew of articles flying across the internet talking about the importance of this date, yet at the same time many of these same missives prepare you not to have any expectations of “a light switch being turned on.”  However, is that truly the case?

The number twelve has dominated our 3rd dimensional existence forever.  How can we escape its significance when everything we read, see, and hear within the framework of this reality involves the number 12?  It appears as a multiple in various matters related to perfect order, governmental structural, ruling, and universal laws.  You have everything from the 12 universes, 12 solar systems, 12 tribes, 12 apostles, 12 months, 12 astrological houses, 12 commandments (yes you read that correctly), 12 years of school, 12 hours of our day, 12 hours of our night, and 12 systems of the human body.  The list is exhaustively on going but the point is why?  Was this just another “program” or was there some sort of “code” embedded in all of this information so that we would all be stirred, triggered, and ultimately released from bondage when this date occurred?

When you review numbers, you will find that there is only one true square number (144), 12 x 12 = 144, implying a pure mathematical harmonization that moves both vertically and horizontally.  Since The Universe and all of Nature are mathematical, we can be sure that the vibration associated with the number 12 is key to our evolutionary process of greater understanding and wisdom.  In fact, the number twelve symbolizes the creation of the universe as it represents the division of Unity (God) into twelve individual distinct vibrations or tones.  Out of these vibrations comes sound, light, and color or what science coins the “Big Bang.”  As one author put it so eloquently,  imagine yourself seeing “12 spiraling ‘cones’ bursting forth, forming a circle around The Source, God Consciousness, connecting with It and each other to create endless grid programs of experience following a geometric blueprint we call Sacred Geometry.  Soul Sparks of Light (each of us) spiral from the Central Source, that is, God, randomly moving into these spiraling grids to consciously experience and create.”  Whoa!  Can you just see it?

Therefore, the number 12 is magically working and influencing us at the core of our DNA and our very souls through its own vibration, sound, and tone.  Twelve’s vibration resonates with completion, the end of one stage and the beginnings of another, ultimately prompting us to review our own past creations and move forward with a more expansive perspective.

So could we not say that the grand portal of 12.12.12 signified the end of the creation of this Universe (this grid) we live in?  We are now shifting ages, worlds, and dimensions and stepping into a whole new reality, where we unify with the revered number 13, that is, the head, The Sun, The Creator.  As man innately moves into ever more complex states of consciousness, moving through this period is truly like returning home once again.  We are now removing ourselves from division or fractionating and into a state of wholeness.  As we reach into our so-called future, we meld with the prominent role of the number 13, so coveted by sacred traditions as well as dark institutions.  Thirteen shows up in less obvious places such as the number of major joints in the body to the number of degrees that the moon travels across the sky each day.  We are now seeing what is beneath the surface, the mysteries of life, as well as the impact of The Universe on each of us.  Our future selves will no longer “carry” the burden of a multitude of timelines, simultaneous lifetimes, or past lives.  We will return home to our whole self.  We will see ourselves truly, as we are the stardust that makes all galaxies.  We are graduating finally into a galactic perspective, instead of a communal and global one.

The date of 12.12.12 represents a true death of all necessary ramifications from The Fall.  It is now time for each of us to release any pain, anguish, egoistic tendencies accumulated through this 12th level of existence so we can fully experience the effects of unification that lie ahead of us.  We must be cautious as to what we “think” we know; recognizing that with much education comes programming, instead of a knowingness.  We may have just graduated the 12th level but allowing ourselves to be the “clean slate” improves our ability to leap extraordinary levels in consciousness.  This is why Drunvalo has made many comments about us being infants in this new world.  Retaining that childlike hunger to learn, grow, and expand is essential!

I saw an amazing vision on 12.12.12.  Many of us were gathering at this gate, much like those who pass over and follow the bright light at the end of their tunnel.  The Light was warm, brilliant, and blinding.  It was too bright for any of us to view, so with our eyes closed, we carefully took small hesitant steps forward.  Lines of people accumulated at the threshold, peaking around the gate unsuccessfully, hesitant to leap forward into the unknown, as there was no floor.  Some of us were running through the gate with gusto, leaping, and performing summersaults midair.  I noticed that there was not just this galaxy of Light Beings spectating our response, but a multitude of other galaxies participated in this event.  Countless others were truly observing us, while they too celebrated this pivotal moment in our evolution.  What really left an impression on me was how joyful and relieved they were to see our progress, as they had put an immense amount of dedication into this “cause.”  Everyone was throwing a party throughout each of the galaxies…it truly was an auspicious day galactically.

The day of 12.12 may not have brought obvious realizations in our material life, but rest assured, we truly were vibrationally prepared for the most magnificent homecoming we have ever experienced!  The rest of this month will crescendo into a flurry of emotions and sensations but like the soon to be mother at her final push, the worst is over with.  Keep your eye on the arrival of the newborn – for that newborn is you in all of your purity, glory, and majesty!

Here is to The Light’s Victory!

Alexandra Meadors
ciHOM, FE Specialist, Alchemist, Intuitive

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