Believe this: we each choose our own fate. If you are not actively participating in choosing- in each moment, then your subconscious is doing the choosing.

Most people’s subconscious takes a thrashing over the years and we emerge with deeply embedded and usually hidden beliefs that keep us in disharmony, chaos, disconnectedness and discontentedness. Similarly, if one believes she needs to “get a healing”, then as the universal law is written, she has also chosen to create the illness from which she needs to heal.  Ergo, if I believe I am a healer then I have also chosen to co-create illness. One co-creates just by “buying into” a condition. By buying into the idea that illness comes from outside the self. By buying into the thoughts that healing comes from outside the self.  In reality, no one can create for another but one can play into another’s subconscious beliefs.

Therefore, one cannot do the healing for another but is able to bring another to the subconscious or conscious place of healing himself.  A healer facilitates the healing but the healing comes not FROM the healer. The “dis-eased” must heal himself. One cannot choose for another. However, one can encourage him by assisting him in deciding to heal. You can support him in moving his own life-force. We can facilitate his ability to stimulate the void or stagnant, disease causing energy within his world. Helping him see that what he resists will persist…  “Needing a healing” from outside one’s-self is of the old paradigm. We are in a new age.

Who decides your life? You decide!   by Gaia Beth. To be continued in next month’s newsletter.

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