Do you ever find that someone “rubs you the wrong way”? There is never a need to experience the fear or anxiety that someone else brings up in you. Acknowledge the feelings and move the feeling (the fear, lack, sludgy energy, whatever-energy you are experiencing) through you and out of the room or transmute. Do not let the energy congest you! Also, know, the reason you feel “rubbed the wrong way” is: for you to have felt in any way bad, that energy is within you, too. You are matching with the “bad energy” through the property of resonance. Like ripples in a pond that synchronizes and the waves amplify each other. 

When this occurs, learn about yourself from the experience.  Allow the other to be who they are being and bring your best self to the game. Do not concern yourself with them. There is no need to choose to make someone else wrong. Remember to bring who you are to each situation and you will not have the urge to feel fear or anger or resentment. You are enough. Permit energy to flow facilitating each individual’s allowing. Ask yourself how you may contribute to the other’s being.  Center yourself, stop working from your ego, and allow the other to be.  Stop a second and listen… trust your intuition.

It is possible to stop perpetuating our own and other’s deep-rooted beliefs. Be inspired to extinguish all the ancient DNA-instilled beliefs and paradigms. We are in a new age. To facilitate the new paradigm, first ask yourself a question with the intent to open up a space for you to contribute from your essence (not from your story). Ask a question to break-up old unconscious beliefs from which you may inadvertently be creating.  Ask something like  “How can I best show up in this situation to meet the needs of all involved?”  Then – awareness opens possibilities and new beliefs can be chosen. There is no need for you to buy into another’s truth.

Find your own heart song. You can choose to let your stories go regardless of what anyone thinks and says because you are proudly recognized by spirit for BEING not reacting.  By the way, it’s likely you found yourself in a situation where you were uncomfortable simply because you did not pre-intend. More on this later.

These things we know – but can we integrate them into BEING-ness, where necessary?

Know that humans generally function 90% out of our subconscious minds; our “automatic-mind”. Our individual beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions, develop prenatally through the present; but mostly up through the age of about seven.  Our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions are contained in our subconscious and express the lies that we have bought into about spirituality and the reason we are here. Intending to operate out of our conscious mind brings us closer to joy. This is called “being in the present”.  By functioning “on-automatic” through our subconscious, we “mis-create”. It’s no wonder we allow people to rub us the wrong way and have strife and sometimes manifesting things takes so long.

To get off this wheel of inadvertent manifestations, open a space in your energetic field by asking the question, “what would it be like if I clear out all my antiquated beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions and judgments?” Then demand destruction of those beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions and judgments that no longer serve you and re-create the being you want to be. We can each facilitate our own flow of energy. In enlightenment, there is no divisiveness, rumors, fear, anxiety, apprehension or speculation.

Confidently and consciously, direct your life-force energy and vibrations. Know that each time you perpetuate words or actions with which you resonate (or do not resonate), you have reinforced them because the universe gives you what you think, feel and say. This is the beginning of the high-way to enlightenment. Once we are on this path our reason to be will emerge as inspiration. Listen to yourself for the joy of inspirations that are directing you.


Copyright Gaiabeth 2012