Many times, we ask, “What is the truth of spirituality?” or “Why am I here? “
Are there answers to these two questions? 

There is much rhetoric, many opinions, endless dialogues, musings and sage advice on the subject. We have the ancient philosophers’ points of view and the crone’s advice.  We have heard the point of view of the doctors of divinity and the self-proclaimed gods. Among these, there are golden strands of truth that align beautifully without distortion AND there is dissension and dissonance that confuses matters. So what is the consensus? I love a good debate about the core of the core, but does it matter? To me it is about enlightenment. Part of enlightenment is honoring self and honoring others.

So ask your heart of hearts what would it take for me to attain enlightenment? How does one acknowledge the divine spark within the self in each moment and create a self-inspiring life?

Remember your “be-ing-ness”. There is no need to dim your light, lower your vibration or shrink to fit into what you think society can handle. The conundrum is remembering “It” is not about YOU (the ego) when you remember who you really are.  Know that any conflict you perceive is there to show you something about yourself.  Acknowledge your “ego” and move through it. In each moment recognize your “I AM Presence”, your be-ing, your true self in each increment of 3-D time… and create your personal reason to be by showing up to contribute. 

Allow others to create their own reason to be. Notice when your ego sneaks in. Observe yourself and others and notice if you are buying into any of the lies. Consistently be aware of your being-ness.  Accept that you are a gift to others as they are to you- equally important and as beautiful and miraculous as a sunrise. Even when you are having a bad day, you can choose to be in love and light. Notice any disconnectedness, discontentedness or divisive energy and consider asking YOUR-universe, “To whom does this feeling truly belong?” It is not yours unless you buy into it. If you do not choose it, return it to its sender with consciousness and light or send the energy back into the universe to be transmuted.

Enlightenment is not about your “story”-past, present or future. It is about who you are BEING in each segment of time. Choose to be the love, light and contribution in each situation. Be the change without perpetuating the things you dislike in your life.

If something or someone brings up anxiety, or, in your perception, is negatively charged – learn from it and quickly discharge the charge. You feel it because you are holding onto it within yourself.  If you don’t need it let it go. Stop playing in other people’s games if you do not want to play. Disengage. This is honoring self. Do not care if anyone else engages, dis-harmonizes, notices or even acknowledges you. That is not enlightenment.

Remember, as soon as you accept chaos or accept a lack of anything or hold resentment you have just created more chaos, more lacking or more resentment because your e-g-o feels this lack or resentment and then Edges God Out.  There is no enlightenment in that moment.

Enlightenment is about being in THIS moment. When the critical mass of souls can concurrently be in this moment with love and radiance the world will change. The universe will revolutionize. Therefore, create each moment consciously. This is your birthright and no one else can do it for you or interfere with your life’s creation. Stick to what you want to manifest with love in your heart. The pure loving vibratory energy will crescendo if, with intent, you may fearlessly maintain the flow of the luminous universal creative pulsation.

When you ((sub) consciously) question your power, your manifestation may take eons. Take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and creations. Everything in your life you put there knowingly or unknowingly, even your state of health. It is not about karma or past life strife; not anymore. That is an old paradigm. Acknowledge any energetic stagnation and then float past undesirable creations. 

Steps to help facilitate clearing the way for a new design include: 

  1. If necessary state the facts without emotion or attaching egoic judgment;
  2. Call back your own expended and possibly heavy energy; and return the energy that’s not yours; then, 
  3. Transmute and redirected your energy with radiance and consciousness.  If you don’t know where to send the energy the important thing is to not let it stagnate. Allow your innate intelligence to distribute your energy where needed.  Above-down, inside-out.  Use your imagination to help you transmute. Your imagination is the hearth-belly of creation.


Who decides your life? You decide!   To be continued in next month’s newsletter.

If you desire more concrete ways of accomplishing any of the things alluded to in part one of this article, please look for upcoming free pod casts and conference calls.