LightBodyAt this time it is very important that you REMEMBER to love your physical body. In conjunction with this it is very important that you REMEMBER that the physical body is not really “physical” as your senses perceive it to be. You are all well aware of this. That is old news, but it is also an awareness that needs to be deeply implemented and integrated, and not seen as simply an interesting metaphysical concept. It is not just quantum physics but is something that increasing numbers of you are feeling more and more—the subtle vibrational nature of your body as a field of energy, a field of consciousness.


I hereby confirm with great enthusiasm that you are now in a new phase of accelerated manifestation! Your body is an elemental being. Treat this being as you would treat your greatest lover. (Many of you need to drink more water and breathe more deeply as well.)  I even encourage you to touch your body in new ways, with more gentleness and care. So many of you carry deep resentment for having a physical body, where it was YOU who in fact made the very decision to inhabit one. It is for this reason to encourage you to love and respect your physical bodies more that your Higher Selves inspire many of you to invest time in physical fitness, Yogic practice, changing your diet and pampering yourselves with more loving attention. ATTENTION is the keyword here; LOVING ATTENTION.

Love your bodies! Envision your bodies as Beings of Divine Light. This is a very necessary part of My Plan for your greater enlightenment, for you need to perceive your body in new, more loving ways in order for you to ultimately perceive that you, in fact, are NOT a body at all. Until then, it is very necessary that I remind you quite often (through your Higher Selves) to give more loving attention to your body. Many of you are quite aware that you inhabit more than one body, multidimensionally speaking. I suggest that you do not scatter your attention so much on studying the various bodies. Most of you reading this are overly concerned with the aspects and components of your bodies, such as individual chakras, rather than simply practicing perceiving your body in a more HOLISTIC (WHOLISTIC) fashion. It is for this reason that I highly recommend perceiving your “true body” as a Divine Body of Light, otherwise known as your “Light Body.”

A simple meditation of focusing loving attention on your inner body, on the energy field of your body, does wonders for your immune system as well as your natural ability to manifest your highest desires. Treat your body as your “Valentine,” showering it with love, affection and praise like never before! Feed it more loving attention. This is extremely important for your spiritual growth as an empowered being. You cannot long avoid this, for those of you who are reading this message, for you are simply too AWARE. You have all reached a point, many times, of hearing that Inner Voice of your Higher Self remind you to take better care of your bodies. Heed this advice, for you will find that your manifestational abilities are greatly heightened and accelerated as you shower your body elementals with unconditional love. Affirm, “I AM choosing to love my physical body in greater and greater ways.”

Much more on this subject is forthcoming, and indeed there are many messages from others at this time that speak with great urgency on giving more loving attention and care to your body. I suggest that you all be more appreciative for your own bodies and that you think twice before condemning them and speaking poorly about your state of health. Your physical body is ALWAYS a perfect reflection of your own state of mind, no exceptions. No matter what your state of physical health is, you can ALWAYS find something positive about your body to appreciate. You can begin there and then proceed to loving all parts of the body until you feel a sense of wholeness. Expand your awareness of your body to include ALL bodies, all beings and all things in your field of perception, all things in your universe, and you are well grounded in your spiritual expression of enjoying your human incarnation as God-in-manifest-form.
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