Published May 23 2015

Holding-Harleigh-and-MeAlexandra Meadors is the creator of the popular blog Galactic Connection and is internationally known for her ground breaking interviews with Cobra that helped bring him to the attention of the world. She is committed to bridging spiritual consciousness with cosmic awareness, Alexandra’s spritual missions have brought her into the presence of Tall White Beings and Ultra Dimensionals as well as assignments to close down Dark Portals and reactive the Portals of Light.

Alexandra is on fire to prepare and shift global perspectives gracefully, respectfully, and galactically. Her focus is to connect minds and hearts everywhere to step out of the 3D matrix unilaterally. By bringing forth the cutting-edge Implant Removal Process, Soul Alignment, and DNA Activation she contributes an authentic freedom and effective unplugging from The Matrix we now live in.

Alexandra and I talk about the powerful new energy wave hitting the planet, what it’s like to be an anchor of the frequencies of change. She also gives us some insights into what she’ll be presenting at the 2015 ECETI Conference in July.

Listen in and be activated!

Be Well,