The Impending Labor of Earth
Sanat Kumara
Channeled Through Janisel

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It is I, Sanat Kumara, who comes forth to speak with you regarding our Beloved Mother Earth. Most of you know me as the Planetary Logos, the one who embodied this planet, filling every cell of her being, lighting and paving the way for some of the most historic events in her history. I come forth at this time to ask each of you to become, as it were, a Planetary Logos… filling your Heart Center with the Love for our Mother. She is going through a most difficult time right now, and is in need of much Love and Care. For those of you of the female gender who have been on the threshold of birth, you are well aware of what I speak.

Mother Earth is now in the throes of labor… and a difficult labor it is. She is hurting and she needs your Love. The time for the “big push” is at hand. Long has she strived to hold back on this birth, giving everyone ample opportunity to awaken to their own Divinity, to their Oneness with her. The time has now come when the pangs of birth are so strong that she can hold off no longer. Earthchanges are impending, however this is part of her birthing process. It must be in order for her to move into her Higher state of Being. She has loved you, cared for you, provided for you, nourished you, and now she must move on… on to her rightful Ascended State. And she holds open the opportunity for all humanity to join her on this journey. All she asks is for you to join with her in Light…in Love… in Oneness. Accompany her into the Higher Realms by way of your own Ascension. The choice, of course, is yours. You may go…or you may stay.

She has made her choice, however, and is now ready to Ascend. Be not afraid of the coming “push”, for all is as it should be. Send her your Love, hold her in your Heart, embody her to help her through this difficult time. She has held back as long as she can, but now must burst forth from her chrysalis as does the butterfly as it takes to the air. I ask all of you to join me in helping with this birth. Long have I held the Light in every cell of her body, and now I ask you to continue to do the same.

While holding this Light, it is now time to step back and let Mother Nature, as it were, take its rightful course. She is now striving to rise to her perfection, but cannot do so without your Light paving the way. Bless her, and tell her you love her and are standing by as midwives, so to speak, ready to help in any way you can. Hinder her no more, but instead give her the command to “Push!”…..to begin this great and glorious birth. Her time is at hand, as is yours.

She has delayed as long as possible in order for her children to come out of the place of fear. But she can wait no longer. Put away your fear and ride the tide of redemption with her! Yes, the changes will come. Yes, there will be moments of doubt and uncertainty when these changes begin. But fear not! Know that we are with all of you, and that each of you is exactly where you should be at any given moment. Stand back and watch as the Glory of God is revealed to All.

My Love and Peace I leave with you.

I AM Sanat Kumara.