Published on Dec 15, 2013

Alexandra Meadors and Steven Meadors of join us again on “Shattering The Matrix” Radio for part 3, where we continue to speak about Implant Removal.

Alexandra and Steven will delve deeper into what happens after the implants are removed, what most people are experiencing, how some people are being challenged – especially with respect to standing in their Power and Authority and how this is a “choice”.

More insight is shared as to how those who hear this “Clarion Call” are stepping forward and removing these debilitating implants, thus freeing themselves. Many are now functioning with more clarity and with a single focus, allowing them to fully step into their Power and Authority.

Again, Alexandra will explain the significance of having these Implants removed now and how this is activating those that make up the 144,000. She also shares more wonderful testimonials. This is the answer we’ve been waiting for! Don’t miss this very important two hour interview…

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