“Greetings, Beloved Family! We come to you with news of a most heinous nature, but it is nevertheless necessary Truth for you to hear. As always, we ask that you use your own discernment, and that you each trust in yourselves to know to what extent this Truth resonates with you. In other words, some of you might be reluctant to accept it, but it is to look into your own Hearts, so that each of you can know its authenticity. Then, how much focus and expression you give to it will be according to your own discernments.

 “We are referring to the bombs which were set off during the event called the Boston Marathon on yesterday’s date of April 15, 2013. As many of you have already discerned, this was a ‘false flag’ black ops event, planned and carried out by the dark hats whose intention was to ‘show us’ that they still have power, and to re-instill fear in your Hearts, because, in Truth, they are afraid of you and your ever-expanding LoveLights, Beloved Ones.
 “We understand that your question to us is, ‘Why did we allow this to happen?’ We can tell you that we had 7+ billion reasons – all of them having to do with the people of Planet Earth reaching a new level of knowing and accepting the Truth of what has been going on for 13 millennia – and even longer. In other words, it is to give everyone the opportunity to look into their own Hearts, and to see what they are able to discern and accept. To be successful means turning off the mainstream news media, which is only speaking propaganda. Even those reporters of high level intentions are being kept from telling you the Truth, although many of them know it full well.
 “Please keep in your Hearts and minds the knowing that we have indeed stopped numerous events of this kind – some of them on an even larger scale, even including the setting off of nuclear bombs so as to start major wars. This does not in any way diminish the horror of what has occurred in Boston, for it is that we share your feelings of the tragedy of this event.
 “However, it is for us together to look beyond grief, and to come together as One, in Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and yes, even Gratitude to all involved. This is how we can best honor the brave ones who were injured and traumatized, and most especially those who left their bodies. Their service in helping the World to change its warlike ways cannot be overstated, for they are truly among the leading Peacemakers of Planet Earth!
 “The full story of how this bombing happened, and who ordered it, may not yet be in the mainstream, but you have it, Beloved Ones, and the time for it to be made public is soon at hand. With this Truth becoming known, it will thus make it easier for those who are still sleeping to face the entirety of what the dark hats have been doing! This includes the Truth of many recent events, including 9-11, as well as the whole history/herstory of their dark agenda and programs.
 “We ask that you be prepared to teach, from your own Hearts, the loving appreciation for all involved over these past millennia, for this is indeed the Highest service and honoring you can give to all who have sacrificed, including you, yourselves, Beloved Ones! Thus it is that, even though it might be difficult to regard them in this manner, the bombs have been a powerful wake-up calling to Peace on Earth, fueled only by Love and its High Energies!!! We thank you, and We Are One With You! Salut!”
Given through Susan Leland, April 16, 2013.
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