“Greetings, Beloved Family! We understand that you have difficulty focusing on Peace, when the propaganda speaks to you constantly of war. Indeed, for those of you in certain parts of the World, you are in constant hearing that the bombs are pointing at you, and this is exactly what those of you in the United States of America are hearing in this moment. This sets up duality of the most heinous kind, for it is Truth that your Hearts call for Peace, even when the dark hats are sending you messages to focus upon its opposite.
 “The answer we bring to you is, of course, to free yourselves from the propaganda messages. For it is the fear contained in them which can keep you from recognizing and living your Divine Golden Age Lifestyles, which is exactly what the dark hats are wanting. The Truth is, that they are now so disempowered that all they can do is to try to bring you down to their 3D level – they have not the means to enslave you by any other means.
“As we have stated many times, there will be no more wars, no weapons of mass destruction allowed to be set loose upon Planet Earth. Your Hearts have spoken, and the Galactic Federation has responded to you with its assurance that your desire for Peace on Earth will be honored, for it is you, Beloved Ones, who have decreed that this be so. This is your time to soar up and into the loving atmosphere of the Higher Dimensions, and your Ascension is assured!!!
 “All of those who would spoil your Peace are being contained, so that they cannot succeed with their goals. Therefore, we encourage you to turn away from their bombastic rhetoric, find the Peace within your selves, and shine forth your Lights of Love!  In this way, you will draw to you all of the ones who treasure the Lifestyle of Peace, and you shall soon all enjoy the many Blessings which come with it!
“Remember that we are in a most Sacred Partnership with you, and that with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, we travel the Golden Path together! We honor and thank you for your participation in lighting up the World, and we invite you to join in joyful celebration of our success when next we gather!* Salut!
*Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, April 9, 2013
Given through Susan Leland, April 4, 2013.
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