I felt this posting was worth a perusal…gets us to think outside our boxes.-A.M.

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin ;pt 2.Exposing the False Flag of Disclosure of beth Trutwin, links are below and Sananda states he did not say those things nor did Ashtar see link for full statement.

OK, hold on there folks, I am a firm believer in the UB but I do have to agree they left somethings out, like the other Aliens who were not sent down by the spirit Realm and not wanting to talk about reincarnation. BUT we are not here to discuss the short coming of the UB. Were here to Discuss the Short Coming of the Ashtar-DC-Visitors. They are the ones making all the False Flags Promises that many of the younglings are hooked on. And the new Lies for this week seems to be the biggest yet. Its my job to warn people of this Deception , here is the cult trappings who still don’t read the blogs I post  coming from our true friends “The Allies of Humanity” who are the ones exposing the VISITORS. The VISITORS are the ones behind most of these False Channelling, using all our favorite Mentors like Ashtar, Salusa, Jesus -Sananda and Prime Creator. They are imitating them and are extremely well at it. Its hard for most to tell. And the way to tell is that they do the same thing as the DC who follows what Lucifer taught and that is “to mix Truths with Untruths”

NOW lets get down to the nitty gritty here, if you read the org. blog and then my comment on it. I am going after the untruths in it, that we know are untruths and to do that you have to be in this business as a Elder for a long time and you need a source of Truths that you believe in on all the different subjects. And as you know I have been doing that for the last couple of yrs on this site. Were not talking about who’s right or wrong here so much as we are talking about all the past lies that they have given us, even up to the last couple of wks, promises that never came true which they usually blame on us or like in this one, they don’t have a reason why those things they told us don’t come true. Then they give us new Predictions, lies that also wont come true and they just keep doing it, cause like Einstein below has pointed out, its to mislead the masses. The Churches, Schools, and Governments from around the world have been programed , trained to lie to us, and we know its lies at some point but we go with the masses and except those lies,  Even the MSM,vids and movies all lie to us and we except it as they are Destroying us and the World that we live in. The DC and Visitors are working together now it seems to take us over and install the NWO. And  we the Light workers are one of the few groups who are Awake somewhat and pose a threat to them and there NWO.

They have been trying for the last couple of years and more to make us believe that the ETS will rescue us from the DC and will bring food ,energy, cheap transportation housing ,ect,ect to us. But in doing so we give up the last of our powers, we are just jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, for the Visitors Agenda is not much different than our present occupiers whom we are slaves to, the Dracs, the DC-Illuminati. So we are gaining nothing just moving the chairs around. Now back to the subject if thats possible, Now that have a new promise by the Anti-Christ Dictator Obama, that he will soon bring Disclosure and the world will follow. What a load of Crap, manure, Horse SH T . And how many times have they told us that there boy was going to save us,? and all the while he is building up his power structure to put in the NWO for the DC. you watch the right hand while the left hand is doing the dirty work. Come on wake up people, smell the coffee. Its all a game they are playing on the whole world, even many of us light workers fall for this crap,I even fell for it up until about  a yr ago and had many doubts the yr before that.. They benefit both ways , if we believe the lies and if we don’t !, Hows that you say, yes they benefit if we don’t  its because we then refuse to believe any or all of our Mentors who have helped us and led us in the past both ETS and Spirit REALM, we just give up n them cause we don’t know who is who and what is the Truth and not the Truth, Like in this Blog she posted, so much info involving so many races and history that its hard if not impossible to tell what is the Truth, So to Separate it you need to seek what is not the truth that you believe in, to know that they have slipped the untruths in with the truths.

Then the next step is to see what they have told us before that hasn’t come true and look to see what they are promising next, which will not come true as well. Another way that they benefit from this is through FEAR. And as everything that we knew as a movement falls apart and no-one to rescue us form the DC and  the Visitors, that we are on our own at least for some time until Ascension Happens if it ever does, well thats quite Scary isn’t it? But you are on your own and always have been, like teaching a kid to ride a bike, after a while when he starts to get the hang of it the parent lets go and he’s on his own, the parent is not worried cause the 1st thing they taught the kid to do was how to fall, so that when he does fall he can get back up and go again, Well thats us now, they have let go, were on our own for awhile, some of us are falling but others are there to pick them up and put them back on the path again. Those who are awakened help to awaken the others, until all are awake, then we go out and awaken the whole world, the 100 monkey effect or cosmic consciousness.

The biggest lie that we must address is not the one of Disclosure but he latest one thats in the bottom of that heavy blog. They now want us to believe that we are in 5D. Thats right they want us to believe that the 3D and 4D world we see happening around us right now, isn’t happening that we are already in 5D. And that they way they did that is by going back once again and changing time, that they have changed our time line once more back to 2009 and the the DC Dracaenas  and there 10 million black Lodge members are not here and that everything you now see happening with the DC-NWO is just a after effect. That they have all been taking away and will be put to trail. THIS LIE is to get us to give up the fight, why fight the battle if we have already won? Don’t fall for this False Flag, what you see and hear is real, we have not won yet, do not give up the battle, stand by your stations, we still  have work to do, we are Warrior Light Workers, Rebels that can’t be fooled so easy for we have been preprogramed before we came here to do battle with the DC and now Visitors. So pull yourselves together and stop attacking each other, know who your real enemy is and keep him close. This battle has taken on a another whole new step a new face or front. We must see this and learn to deal with it. Nobody is going to give us free energy,food , Disclosure or Contact or NASERA. We are the ones who are going to make it all happen, no one else can do it for us and we don’t want anyone else do do it for us, for then we would be dependent on them, instead of ourselves. Weather we like it or not, we are all that we got, we are family, we are all one. L&L,Adonai

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