Tara and Rama: Greetings Everybody! Greetings!
Tara: Oh, I’m ‘gonna say that our Brother Barack Obama, he did it again.
Rama: Mr. Nineteen Point Five Degrees. That’s it!That is the key here!


obama-5Tara: Yes, and just to remind you, this has got to do.. we’re ‘gonna play it again on our Saturday Call,The Hyper Dimensional Election of Barrack Obama by Richard Hoagland, because once we’ve got more of the energy of what 19.5 degrees is, when we listen again we’re really ‘gonna hear a lot more. But, nineteen point five degrees is where Barack Obama was born in his Hawaii home, contrary to Republicanism, he wasn’t born in Africa, although his ancestors were, and on his Father’s side who was “Malcolm X,” and nobody else.


And, that’s a very important key, and what an amazing thing the Light has done to let this kind of a being, with that kind of ancestral lineage manage, with guidance by the Light , because his Mom, a Sufi, and his Mom’s Mom, his Grandma on his Mom’s side, a Sufi, and his raising and growing up in Indonesia with many lessons there, brings this East and West together, and it brings back his lifetime as Akbar the Great.


In a single reign as a Mogul Islamic King of India, he brought about a renaissance, and he lived and did his work at the same time as Sir Francis Bacon did his work, starting the renaissance in England, and it spread across Europe, and India, and East met West again. And where did it go? He brought Sufism back, Akbar the Great did. And Sufism is a very powerful thing, because it brings the religions together of Islam, Sufism is the highest form of Islam there is, and Christianity, Christ was a Sufi, sorry folks, and Judeo Christianity. He was also a Jewish being.


And so, and then in this present moment in his speech, Aaaah! I’ll just say let’s just go back to Sir Francis Bacon, and then come up to the forward time in the philosophy. The Age of Enlightenment started then, and actually, it started way back in Egypt, and it got cut short by the mind of the dark priesthood, which was the mind of “elitism.” And Republicanism right now is the mind of “elitism,” where they bring together the idea of age of the late sixteen hundreds. After St. Germain left, there was this man, his name was Thomas Hobbes, and he wrote a book called the “Leviathan.” And he said that folks could not govern themselves, that the natural state of man was really evil.

Rama: Inherently Evil!


Tara: And that we were brought up to be brutes, and that was why we needed to be, you might say, controlled, both by a church and a state, and that the Elitists, or they considered themselves the chosen ones, would do the controlling, and that you know without that we would just be barbarians. And then John Locke came in in the late 1700’s. And, he spoke about, or actually no, he was in the late 1600’s too, I’m sorry. But he was at the opposite end of the spectrum. He spoke about enlightenment that natural state of being was to be enlightened, and that rights to life, liberty, and private property, and the pursuit of happiness, was their natural God-given rights. And then Thomas Jefferson in the late seventeen hundreds picked up on that, and brought the point of view again, the liberal point of view.


And so now we’ve got the Democratic liberal point of view, and we’ve got the Republican Elitist point of view coming into a place where the Master El Morya that has been over-lighting Barack Obama since he was Akbar the Great, is over-lighting him again with Archangel Michael’s Excalibur. They’re both on that Electric Blue Ray. Michael’s job is to protect the seat of power on this Planet.


And remember at the thirty eighth level above the president there is an organization called the ACIO, and since 1945 the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization has embodied the entire Ashtar Command, and all of the Ascended Hosts, as part of our military folks, indeed. And so this work that we have been doing to aid enlightenment, and awaken the consciousness of people to be able to really accept this level of awareness, so that it’s not something that’s forced.


And so Harry Reid is doing his job. He spent his whole morning this morning in a caucus as the Republicans with this idea of elitism, don’t ‘wanna help the Sandy, Hurricane Sandy People.


Rama: No, and Harry Reid is getting ready to put the Hammer of Thor down, if not already, talking about restoring the filibuster, where, if these guys ‘wanna squawk and argue they’re ‘gonna have to talk about it, and the whole World’s ‘gonna see it on C Span.

Tara: Well, not just CSpan, every network can cover this. Yes, you know they’ve been talking about watering it down throughout the days and the nights, yet we were told when all is said and done it’s ‘gonna be hard and fast.


Rama: Our Senator Tom Udall, of New Mexico opened Congress today talking about reforming the filibuster, where it has been abused over four hundred times, and it’s time to just bring the Hammer of Thor down, and everything that I have been seeing in the last little while since December 21st leading up to now, things have totally changed, yet what is coming out is this huge wave, this is why we are just being told to send to thirteen families so much Love and more, because of the anger, and vitriolic hatred sent towards this man and his family. And I can tell you the King of Swords sleeps with these folks day and night.

Tara: To protect them with a whole gaggle of military guards.

Rama: That’s right, and for him to get out and walk yesterday with the people, that was a big deal.


Tara: For Barack and Michelle to walk down the parade aisle that was a big deal. OK, now I wanted to say too that John Nichols piped in here on the Ed Show this morning about this, and he said that Mr. Boehner and the Republicans ‘wanna push the debt ceiling discussion down farther down the road into May.

Rama: May 23rd!


Tara: And John Nichol’s said you’re not even ‘gonna be having a job, if you push that way down the road. Then Ed pipes in and says, “Well, then what happens after that?” and then John Nichols says, “We’re in a Constitutional crisis which calls for arrests right on the floor of Congress. And, then Medea Benjamin got in and piped in, and she was calling Obama out on the drone strikes. And then Ray McGovern got in and piped in and said, “Medea, listen carefully, this has nothing to do with Obama. This is all Hillary Clinton. She is the war criminal.” And then Medea Benjamin went, “Oh My God, thank you, thank you, thank you!”


And then she said, “Well then I’m like Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings, and I have the Ring of Power, and I’m ‘gonna drop it into Mt. Doom. And Ray McGovern just went on and said, “All the drone strikes have to do with Hillary, and the Bush Jr., and Bush Sr. and Cheney, and the entire administration that did 9/11. It’s time to do 9/11. And he said Hillary and all of the Khazarian Zionist, Bolshevik, Illuminati, will be fully exposed now and arrested, and it’s coming very rapidly; no dates, no nukes, no flukes!


That all being said, Barack Obama said “we” in his speech yesterday sixty-nine times. And I just wanted to just cover a few of the things ’cause it’s so important. Each time we gather to inaugurate a president, we bear witness to the enduring strength of our Constitution. We affirm the promise of our Democracy. We recall that which binds this nation together is not in the color of our skin, nor in the tenets of our faith, nor the origins of our names. What makes us exceptional is our allegiance to an idea articulated in a Declaration made more than two centuries ago, and might I say, and ordained and authorized by St. Germain. It took St.Germain, Sir Francis Bacon at the time.


Rama: Oh, and by the way that ship that showed up on Fox News in the utube…that was real! The King of Swords said that was real, just a little, “Hi there!” The next step is Full Disclosure in the right timing of how this gets done like Val Valerian talks about as well as that movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still.”


Tara: And he also made a point that nothing was ever meant to be self-executing, that it’s we that secure by our own hand as a people together what is here on Earth, as it is in Heaven. And he said the Patriots of 1776 did not fight to replace the tyranny of the King with the privileges of a few, or the rule of a mob, and he was really speaking to this elitist point of view, and, or those that ‘wanna create insurrection in our country at the moment right now…by force, and that brings us to a point that he was bringing up, that Tom Hartmann had this man that wrote the book on his show tonight…that the militia was equal to slavery patrols – equal. And even James Madison who had slaves was doing it for that reason…


And they wanted to make it for the states, the right to bear arms with a well regulated militia, meaning the militia would be the heads of the plantationsonly, and that they would be using this militia to keep the slaves in place, and they made it the word ‘state’ instead of the word country, because they didn’t want to go help the people of the North with any emergencies, because they were afraid that they would lose control of the slaves. And Virginia was the ninth state that they needed to ratify the Constitution, and Virginia was the most populous state.

Rama: And Virginia today did something that was not very cool at all [changing voting districts without warning].

Tara: OK, but it was the most populous state, and it was the exporter of slaves, so they were fine with the Federal Government having the, you know, right to stop the incoming, importing of slaves, but they weren’t OK with them, you know, disabling them to have their militia where only the slave holders would be allowed to have guns. And that was where this whole thing came from, and it’s still the same place right now. And you know, even Alex Jones had a point, because we haven’t arrested our…

Rama: Criminals!

Tara: Our slave holders, and they do have this elitist control of the we the people’s governance, and so this is ‘gonna crack the ice right now. It is time to arrest the criminals.


Rama: And not to change the subject, but in the last couple of weeks Randi Rhodes has had on these folks called the Millennials, and these are the Crystal children that are coming in now, and some of them are just taking on form, but some are like from twenty up to thirty, and our friend Sunny Ariel has this TV show that she put together called MillennialsArising.com (http://www.millennialsrisingtvshow.com/index.html). Go and check it out.


These kids are coming with the consciousness of the Masters at this time, and this is how we change this course of this ship of state. Like the man with the plan just said, “Sustainable energies, the free energies are going to be released any time, if not already.” And in February Dr. Steven Greer’s movie “Sirius” is coming out. And, let’s just say that there’s an entire game change, that is a sea change.Dr. Keshe on his website put out a Declaration of Peace. And his latest video from the thirteenth of January talks about a little black box. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9-SbdGLZz74 ) I have seen one of these little black boxes up in a northern town in Espanola, and this black box ran this entire apartment complex, and it was the size of, let’s say…


Tara: Are you talking about Dr. Keshe’s device?

Rama: Yeah! I’m talking about the thing these Saudi People had, and it ran a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, a TV, whole computer setup, the lights, I mean everything, and it was just getting its energy out of the air.


Tara: That’s Tesla technology, and Dr. Keshe is saying, that you know, as we have the right space, every single person can have one of these. And this is what we’re waiting for everybody. This means no more blowing mountain tops off for coal, no more digging for oil in the ground, no more fracking that pollutes our water and our air.

Rama: No more nukes!

Tara: No more nukes! It’s gone! One little Tesla device; we could have started this a hundred and some years ago, nonetheless it took all of us to bring this awakening, and together we shall stand in the Light. I pass the Talking Stick! Oh, and I just wanted to mention that when you go to MillennialsArising.com, as you wish to help these ones with their work, put “Mother Sekhmet” in the subject line, and then what they will do is, they will note that, and then they will, what our sister Sunny Ariel will do, she will tithe back to us, so that we have some blessings. That would be a wonderful thing, kind of like creating a circle.


Fran: Yes, thank you for reminding me to mention that. You appreciate any contributions people feel called to give, and the website ishttp://2013RainbowRoundtable.ning.com and you can go there, and find the buttons to make a donation.

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh