This arrived this morning and was a GREAT reminder that we may begin to experience an escalation of memories that are not so nice regarding our roles in Atlantis…


Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – October 10, 2012


“Well, Greetings Everyone! We are so glad that we could get together – we are ecstatic! We see so much Joy everywhere, even if the face looks a little grumpy. The Light is coming so strong, and it is being held more and more by all of the Kingdom members. But we’re here to talk about the humans, all of you, Beloved Ones, who are beings of Light in your natural state, but who put on the uniforms of your humanity in this lifetime, and most all of you in others.


“We are looking at you in all of your Dimensions, and it is that you are very much one with the Light, very much One With Us, and at the same time multi-locating, shall we say – that’s a concept that’s a little bit difficult if you are not used to doing that, we understand that.You’re going to be a lot more used to it when your bodies are altered sufficiently that you become a permanent resident of Higher Dimensionalities – each and every one of you! . And it is that mission that you all came here to participate in, and indeed to push, or support. We were going to say to push forward, and that is accurate, because without you and the Lightworkers it would not be happening!!!


“We want to acknowledge that we had some expectations, as did you, that we would have much more Joy in the world, Peace and prosperity for all, and all of those wondrous things, earlier in this century. As a matter of fact, not long into this century, which you call the 2000–something – 2012 is the year you have now on your calendars, but as you heard, you’ve heard this before, the 9/11 put a really, really big glitch in the plans. Since then, it has been somewhat perplexing, and we know it has perplexed you, that it has taken so long to get to this point of full disclosure. But it’s coming!


“Because it has taken longer in Earth terms, it is that these things are literally bombarding the planet, one right after the other. You cannot look at the Truthful news without having not one, but many, many stories on many different topics. Everyday you get emails – everything from the Truth of your health, and what your body can do and the lies you’ve been told, to world politics and economics. So it is difficult to sort out everything because there are as many different versions as there are reporters and messengers!


“The one thing that the messengers whom you call the channelers are all in agreement on is that Ascension is coming and it’s a really, really big deal. And it’s the biggest deal ever for Planet Earth because it’s never been done before!!! There have been attempts but, you know, blow-ups have happened, and volcanoes and all kinds of things. It is that finally Planet Earth is on the very threshold, you might say, right at the doorway. We applaud all of you for your perseverance in helping to bring this about. We know that many of you have been waiting years, and that it has seemed long and arduous, and there have been many hardships endured.


“When everything changes over – and the information is coming out more and more that it is about to change -as always, no dates, let us just say that between now and the 11-4 there will be what you would call momentous changes. And what this is about is the energy, what this is about is bringing about the Love more and more and more. It is wondrous indeed that you are all going to be millionaires, or whatever, but what is really important is the Love and the return to Love!!!


“To return to Love, you’ve got to get out of fear because that is the low vibration. Love is where you want to go, so you’ve got to leave fear behind. And it is only human to feel as though this involves Freedom, does it not? And it’s not just political Freedom, although that’s a big help; it’s not just Freedom to express your spirituality, you know, without being tortured or burned at the stake, or whatever; it is the Freedom to enjoy the Lifestyle where you do not have to be a slave to some corporation or other, or where you do not have to be without home or food, or fun. Yes, fun!


“Mother Sekhmet is an expert on advising everyone to have more fun, but we’ll tell you right now that things are going to become a lot more fun! When you get your financial Freedom, when you have your abundance, and when you have all of the things that you desire to have of a material kind – although you really don’t need any of that to ascend, we want to make that real clear, even though we plan on giving it to you, you don’t need it to ascend – what you need to ascend is Love! That’s it – Be the Love!!!


“This is something that has not always been the main focus, we understand that. We understand that you have families to feed or people to care for, or whatever, and so it’s easy to get distracted away. What we want to tell you is, you have a saying – it’s ‘the eleventh hour,’ and we’re just suggesting that no matter what your Lifestyle is in this moment, just envision it when you are truly free and then start filling it with Love – Love of all kinds, of all expressions, as long as it’s unconditional. You need to get up and out of this 3D thing, like, ‘Well, if you really love me you would by me the biggest diamond in the store,’ because that’s not really Love, is it?


“If someone gives you a gift and they say, ‘I love you, here is a gift,’ that’s Love. That’s a beautiful expression of Love, but the gift doesn’t have to be the biggest diamond in the store. It can be a beautiful seashell that they picked up and that the seashell said, ‘Take this to the one you love!’ You see what we are saying? It’s not that possessions themselves have real value beyond 3D, but Love is the most valuable, the most powerful, and the highest and best energy in the Universe.


“And so it is Love in all ways that you can possibly express it, and if it means sharing some kind of physical possession, by all means; if it means sharing some dollars, by all means, express in that way! That is beautiful when it is unconditional! It is to get yourselves into the highest vibration and stay there! And if you have a moment where you say something that is angry or upsetting, it’s all right, what you’ve got to do is to remember to love yourself no matter how you express – that’s a biggie!!!


“Now, we’ve got some things to tell you about clearing, and I have no desire to, shall we say, steal what Sekhmet is going to present in words, but I’m just going to tell you some general things. You need to understand that many of you, in fact all of you, have something that goes back to a period in the history/herstory of Planet Earth which is pretty grim. It’s not exactly what you would call great expression of Love, it was the opposite for many of you.


“It makes no difference what the role was that you played, you have all played many, many roles, everything from the darkest to the whitest of hats, because you needed to do that. It was your mission, your contract, your experience so that you would know how it feels and what it looks like from every perspective. This is what education is really all about. It was you educating yourselves through your experiences! That’s it. But for many of you there is a period in the history/herstory of Planet Earth where you lived, and it was a pretty long period that went from Atlantis, actually, up through the modern day. It is that you have had some traumas from the major historical events which have occurred. You have played roles which have traumatized you.


“Now, those of you who have engaged in the process of peeling the onions, and this is perhaps a little far-fetched, but think about it, when you peel an onion you sometimes cry, do you not? Go ahead and cry if something comes up to you! Do not bury it, do not stuff it. It’s coming up because you need to look at it, and furthermore, you need to get to a place with it where you understand the Love that it presents to you. This is a toughie, we know that. You will find that when you can love yourself through whatever it is that you did, whatever experience comes up to you, you will have evolved yourselves, you will be holding more light and you will feel lighter, because you are!!! It’s what you call Ascension Preparation, and we’re all on this Path with you! We have come to be with you!


“When you are in high vibration, it is so wondrous, because then we are in Communion, we are communicating connectedness and we are together in the Oneness of Joy and unconditional Love!!! So we suggest something that might be a little bit out there, or seeming extreme to some of you. Remember we are here with you, so reach out, hold our hands. This is what is going to be made available for you all to do if you would choose to do it, and we will tell you it can be done. We gave The Voice a demonstration of this last night, as a matter of fact. She asked for it and we gave it, and it was quite a shock but it worked out just fabulously well, and it will for all of you!


“We are going to give you an opportunity to invite yourselves to look deeper into the onion, to peel off those innermost layers. There might still be some left – you know, we are anticipating that you are all going to make your Ascension by that wondrous date! If you want to go a little early that is fine, if you want to go a little late that is wondrous indeed. However don’t anybody get locked into a date, but you can put a big star on 12/21 if you wish. Also, the 12/12, that’s a biggie, too!


“Now, back to this onion – we will give you plenty of time, as you measure it, to transition yourselves through the process. Now, we’re telling you more than we told The Voice – we sort of just hit her with it, and it worked out just fine. So we’re giving you a little bit of a heads up because this is an Exercise which you can repeat if you wish, which you can do to get at root causes of any blockages that you simply can’t explain any other way! Because we all know you sit in conversation with yourselves, your guides, and us, when you invite us, and we know that this particular place on your timelines is a place where many of you are saying, ‘What is it? What is there to do that I’m not understanding? What have I not accomplished yet? Because I look at this body and I see dense, I don’t see as much Light as I know is in there, so what do I need to do?’


“Believe me, you’re radiating – you just may not be seeing it! We see it, there is no doubt, so don’t be doubting yourselves on that – that is not the intention or purpose here. It is simply that we understand that some of you are feeling heavy. Maybe you’ve let in too much propaganda – turn off your televisions, or tune in to the places that have the Truth. Maybe you are on the edge of your chairs waiting for the next email to come that’s going to be better news than the last one. Well, if you are looking at the mainstream news media, don’t count on it, just put Light on it. Bless it!


“You know, there are people who are still really excited and feeding, as it were, in the 3D habit and they can’t wait to get the next piece of propaganda to drool over. But that’s not you. Let it go, let it go. Use your time, as you see it, your spare and leisure time, or make time to create the visions of Joy for yourselves. What do you want? What do you want your next Dimensional Lifestyle to look like? Where do you want to be? For some of you, it’s at the controls of your ship, or as we say, on the command bridge. For some of you it’s to be still in service to Planet Earth. For some of you it’s to land your ship in your neighbor’s yard, the one who said you are ‘looney tooneys’!


“So long as you do it with unconditional Love and none of this ‘I told you so,’ that’s perfectly wondrous indeed! Make it your World and make it bright with Love, and then you are unlimited as to how it’s going to look. So be happy, and know that you are radiant. You don’t need to turn up your Lights – you are shining!!! All that you should want to do at this stage on your Ascension Path – this is a guideline, not an order – is to see, to acknowledge, to feel your own beautiful radiance! That’s it! Because when you are seeing or feeling your own beautiful radiance you are elevating yourselves, you are putting yourselves up there into that Higher Dimensionality Reality, and you are leaving all of this propaganda behind!!! That’s the way it is on the Ascension Path.


“So we would bring up one other thing because we have a quote for you, and this is Truth, High Truth – the wise one who put it into literature was divinely inspired! But here is the Truth: Remember we said you’ve all worn hats of many colors, well, some people say black and white, and not colors, the point is it does not matter what you’ve done, the quote is, ‘To err is human…’ In other words, if you’ve done something of a naughty kind of a thing, it’s being human, you were expressing your humanity.


” ‘…To forgive is Divine.’ Now, think about that and then apply it to yourselves, Beloved Ones. If you come into a past lifetime experience – and remember, it could be so vivid you think it was your own but maybe it was your soul family, and this can happen, too – you don’t need to carry extra baggage but if it’s there, what you want to do is lighten your load. That’s where your Divinity comes in. It’s so easy to ‘err,’ as the word goes, and we would say it’s just to do something that you may think is not so good to do, but you either did it anyway because you wanted to, or you realized after you did it that maybe you hurt somebody, or whatever.


“It is to be the Divine Being that you are inside and beyond your human uniforms, to be Divine and to forgive – and to start with yourself. Who do you think deserves the most Unconditional Love from each and every one of you? We know you get it, but we’re going to say it anyway – it’s each and every one of you! As individuals!!! To be Divine simply means you are in Unconditional Love, expressing Unconditional Love and seeing your own Divine Radiance in so doing. That sounds so simple, does it not?


“We tell you, for each and every one of you it’s just a tiny little bit more of that onion to peel and you’re there! So stop thinking, ‘This is so hard, I’m never going to make it, my health is just going down hill, I wonder if I’m still going to be in a body,’ and all of that kind of stuff. Start being Divine, start loving yourselves Unconditionally, and forgiving – because you really don’t have anything to forgive, in the traditional sense; we’re talking about stop being in judgment of yourselves as good or bad, or beautiful or ugly, or sick or well, or any of that stuff – and just see the Light that is you, and that’s the Truth. That’s Who You Really Are!!!


“While you’re at it, you can beam some of that Light into the onion. Put the Light of Truth on it and forgive yourselves, which means to stop holding yourselves back by saying, ‘Oh, I’m not a good…’ – you know, all of that nonsense. That is just so much propaganda, self-propaganda, and it’s time to get beyond it, it’s time to just be Unconditional Love and flow from there!!!


“You’re all here because you are leaders! Every single one of you, no exceptions, even those of you who have not been here before. Why are you here? It is to be a leader. As part of the One We All Are, it is to understand, to understand with more insight that the Mission of the Ashtar Command – oh yes we have other divisions doing other things: stop the nukes, and all that and that’s a wonderful thing that you’ve given us permission to come and do this because without your permission, you’d have blown yourselves up – the highest and most important mission of the Ashtar Command is to support and facilitate in every way possible the Ascension of Planet Earth!!!

“We are helping Mother Gaia, we’re helping all of the Kingdoms and we are doing all that we can to help humanity. And there is a lot of truth, if you listen to that report you will understand that the wheels are moving, the dominoes are falling, arrests are happening and all of these things that spell Freedom for you!


“But only you, each and every one of you, Beloved Ones, can give yourselves the Freedom to forgive yourselves and to be Unconditional Love. No one else – not I, Ashtar, not even Sananda himself can give you that Freedom, so call it forth, we’re here to help, we can surely help! Oh yes, we love being on your teams, and we love being close with you as we are now. And even though it may seem as though that I, Ashtar, am just speaking in my usual commanding voice, we ask that you stop for a moment and just feel the energies of One, feel the energies of Family, feel the energies of Love! That’s what this Gathering is really about – to be together, to know that we are on the Path with you, and you with us. It is to help others by leading the way!


“If you come face to face – when you are on Mother Sekhmet’s ship in her Crystal Room – with a Truth that you’ve buried so deep you’ve had to really peel off an awful lot of layers, and even if you come to tears, that’s okay because that’s what you are here to do. We are here with you every step of the way, and then you shine even brighter, and then you beam even more out to the world which so loves the Light that you bring!!!


“Then you may even go into the marketplace and tell someone, ‘I did it. I support you, and I will help you to the greatest extent that I can!’ But it is you, ultimately, that must make this decision to move forward and that is true leadership. You don’t do it for them, you don’t do it to them, you simply be the Love and the support so that they can do it for themselves!!! Feel the Love, and I shall make way now for Mother Sekhmet* to come, and I do want to take a moment to thank masters Tara and Rama** for filling in the behind-the-scenes reports, because as you who have been with us in this Ashtar on the Road Mission are beginning to realize that the whole Mission with you, Beloved Ones, is for your Ascension Preparation!


“So even I, Ashtar, am speaking more of these matters because it’s what really does matter. We thank you from our hearts to yours, as they say, for joining with us on this wonderful, wonderful Path to the Light, and we assure you that you are indeed leading the way! And so it is. Salut!”

* The transcript of Sekhmet’s Crystal Exercise will follow in our next email.


Given through Susan Leland, October 9, 2012.

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