Ashtar on the Road Teleconference, November 27,2012

“Well, Good Evening, Everyone! We are so delighted that we are here in this Gathering, and it is a Gathering of great Joy! You have heard confirmations and uplifting news reports,* and yes, the energies continue, the energies of change, the energies of the Ascension Path. And yes, Planet Earth is on that Path, almost to what you call the finish line, for those who want to accomplish this mission within these next few weeks, as you know them!


“This is a time to be in celebration, and a time to let go of any worries or stresses or fears that you might have. We are most elated at the Light that is pouring forth upon the Planet. I can see it beautifully! And this is all over the Planet, it is spreading, it’s here and it’s spreading its empowerment even more. So when you have a day such as tomorrow, the eclipse, and the full moon – and we have all of these things happening one after the other, significant dates, significant numbers of dates – all of these energies are absolutely flowing in such great quantities and strength that we can say to you literally, that anyone who just opens their eyes today, or tomorrow, they can make it!!!


“We can say also that many who have good Hearts, they are making it, and they don’t even have to know about Ascension. How about that? This is more than just Planet Earth that we are talking about here. This is a Universal event, because, you see, as Planet Earth moves up the portal into Higher Dimensionality, it literally paves the way, so to speak, for others to follow.


“There are many, many civilizations who have been in 3D for some amount of what you call time – remember, time is very useful in 3D, and you will be soaring up and out of time as part of your Ascension process, so we would suggest, just to keep the stress levels down and all of that, because you know its collapsing and you know you can’t do in an hour what you used to do, and all of that. Let’s not even go there!


“Let’s think, ‘I have time to love, I have time to be Joy, I have time to celebrate, and time to do all that is really necessary to do before my Ascension.’ And what is that? To just live the Love that You Are.And we’re here with you, and so if you want to, you can simply just hold out your hands or open your Heart and say, ‘Come on in Love, only Love, only energies of Love!’


“You see, what is happening as this Light becomes more and more brilliant and as you allow more and more of it in, and radiate more and more of it out, it’s what you call the ‘in-place’ to be – in the Light! What is happening is spreading and lighting up every place that has been dark, and think about that. Think about places that have been dark for centuries and centuries of time. Here’s a place that has been real dark – there are places undeground, what you call caverns, in a place called the Vatican.


“Now, yes, they’ve had lighting there of sorts, not very much, because they really don’t want people to feel welcome there, and they have put some rather dark energies there deliberately, so as to keep people out, lest they should see what is there. The treasures there are shining bright; the circumstances by which they came there are not. But this Light is so powerful that it is penetrating even to places such as this, and this is not the only place in the world. You have this place call Area 51, you are all familiar with that. This Light is not just what you see when you look out the window, it’s way more than that and we want you to feel that and get that in your beings because this is the same Light that is coming in to you!


“If this Light is Love, if it’s Joy, if it’s Peace on Earth – don’t limit it; don’t limit it just to the surface of the Earth and whatever rises up from the Earth! It’s even flooding the concrete condos and the super-tall buildings. There is no place where the Light cannot go!!! There are places that are in resistance, yes, but those are the energies, like we told you, the energies that have been deliberately broadcast. And because those energies are being more and more restricted and transmuted by the Light, this is Who Love Is, literally how Love is spreading around the World. And all you have to do is smile and Be Love!


“We have discussed many times the major components, or outgrowths of Love, you know, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Joy, Celebration, sharing and caring, all of those things; this Light is naturally helping people to forget whatever it is that has been dark in them and to let it go, let it be transformed into even more Light, that’s the alchemy by the way, that’s the magic. So it is that the World is lightening up!


“A major Ascension guideline is that all the dark stuff can’t go, can’t make it through, so it has to be transmuted to Light, and that means that each and every one of you, Beloved Ones, in this Family of Ashtar, will transform into lighter bodies, lightening up, and whatever there is that has been a dark space in any of your energy fields is, by the very nature of the process, being let go. Sometimes you release it and it is transmuted to Light instantly by the incoming energies, and sometimes it is simply transmuted within you.


“Think about this – how many of you, since the last time we gathered on this call, have noticed, either within yourselves or within someone that you know fairly well – doesn’t have to be in your Earth family but someone you know well – how many have noticed a slight or a major shift in attitude about something? There is a great movie – some of this group went to see it already, some of you have yet to see it, but we recommend it for all of you – talk about attitudes changing, talk about the light shining in, the movie is called Lincoln. It is a good one, go see it!


“Many attitudes had to change because people started looking at things from a different perspective – we’re talking about the topic of slavery. And many people during the time of Lincoln and before, realized, had an epiphany, an amazing moment of grace, and they said, ‘Wait a minute this is wrong, this is not a lifestyle that we should be living!’ And so they changed. They had a shift in attitude.


“Now, anytime there is some kind of a natural disaster, such as this Hurricane Sandy, people gather together. Neighbors living on the same street who never even knew each other – they passed by each other, they knew they were there but they never bothered to get acquainted – all of a sudden it’s brother helping brother, sister helping sister, and family connections are established – they come to Light! The Love is allowed, and that which seemed to be a dark moment of despair is transformed into Light and Lightness!


“This is the process which the entire Planet is undergoing at this time, and we know, it’s kind of a rough ride for some, and for others its like, ‘Well, I’ve been waiting all this time and I don’t know if its happening or not, I’m getting kind of skeptical,’ or this or that. And this is what we say to you: Go within and find that place in your Heart where the Light is shining brightest, and then look at everything from that perspective and you will see that there really is all of this wondrous occurrence that is called Ascension. It is all happening and everything is flowing beautifully!


“So be not concerned about time, just know that you have all the time that you could possibly need to accomplish whatever it is that you really need to accomplish, because all that is really there for you to do is Be Love, in every moment. It’s an opportunity to be the Love that you have always been, no matter what lives you’ve lived or where you’ve been, or what the circumstances have been. This is the Homecoming to Love, its just that simple!!! There are many, many beautiful beings who are writing volumes on this topic and speaking on it, and it is all wondrous indeed, but when you get down to it in its simplest terms, Ascension is moving up, with your body altered a bit, of course – lighter – into a place, a space, a Dimension where there is only Love.


“That’s going to take some adjusting. It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect in your expressions of Love, because you are still human. This is where attitude changes are most prevalent because people are recognizing within themselves, and each other in some cases, ‘Oh, I really don’t feel that way about that particular person or event, so I’m going to stop seeing it, thinking about it, and talking about it in that particular way. I see the good in all, I see the value in all, I see the wisdom, I see the perfection of the flow, and I see these energies coming in, and I see that changes are happening and I feel this great Light within my being and I’m going to relax, and I’m not going to worry about anything, and I’m not going to be stressed about anything – I’m going to relax!!!’


“This is where it helps so much to go into your Heart, because when you connect within your Heart, and you open it to receive the Love, and all of the powerful and empowering energies it is, it puts you into a no-time connection wherein you can communicate and commune with the totality of your being. And we are talking about that part of you that is Higher Dimensional, you call it your Higher Self, or whatever name you choose to give, it’s not really something that you see, for most of you, within your aura, but you can feel, and the best place to feel this connection is in your Heart.


“You can say, ‘I know,’ and your wisdom eye opens more, or your brain opens up more, and you can be very much in touch with that part of you from a knowing perspective, but it’s the feeling – you don’t even need words! The Voice just gets it with colors, beautiful colors waving in and out, energies of color. And she knows she’s made that connection. And it’s not just that part of you, because the connection becomes an expansion of you into Oneness, and it’s all Love, because where are you expanding into, anyway? You’re expanding into Higher Dimensionality, and only love can be there.


“If you start getting some little message that says, ‘Oh, look at the view – we’re up here on the 30th floor, why don’t you go ahead and jump off and get a really good view,’ – you DON’T want that connection. But those connections are really being kept out because they can’t go where you’re all lit up, so to speak. That’s kind of an astral thing. The world, as a whole, with all this Light coming in, this Light is acting like a blanket or shield. You already know that there are certain space beings who are locked out now, they cannot come anymore, they have been forbidden to come to Planet Earth anymore, because they are of the dark.


“This great Light and shield is not allowing anyone or any energy, or anyone bringing a dark energy to come in. Those who are still here who have the dark energies, well, you heard,* they are not being allowed to start wars and do those kinds of things anymore. Their day is over, they can come into the Light or they can leave, and we are providing transportation that is appropriate for them to leave. Wave goodbye! Yes, the shield will open for them to depart, then they can’t come back in anymore.


“Regarding Planet Earth, Mother Gaia is directing Planet Earth into Higher Dimensional conscious living just like you all are committing and directing yourselves. And we are all here helping – that is the primary mission of the Ashtar Command!!! It is to facilitate in everyway possible this Ascension, and yes, we have many divisions doing many different things as part of that. That’s a really big job description, and you might call it comprehensive, or all-encompassing. I Ashtar, in this Company, am here simply to help each and every one who chooses to make the commitment to the Ascension Path by providing some insights about the simplicity of it, the Joy of it!


“The coming together, as we do, is a way for you to feel that connection and to carry it forward into your next moments. That is why we come together and we commune, as it were, and we do the Exercises that we are doing, because you are ready for them. Because the time is now in Earth time, because the Light is so bright, the Light literally facilitates what we do and empowers you even more, each of you on your own individual Ascension Paths. Yes, it’s one great Path of Oneness, but it’s also one that is made up of everyone on the Path!


“So everyone’s portion of the Path, that is yours, personally, looks a little different from everyone else’s because you’ve all got different history/herstory events and lives that you’ve lived. You see, your Path is a continuous timeline – well, you can call it timeline – we just call it your Path, your life. We see it all as One but because you have time, you can see past, present, future. So you are directing yourselves into what you call your future in this very now moment, and in each now moment to come!


“If you will simply remember the four letter word called ‘Love,’ and let that guide you in every step that you take along your path – Congratulations because we see that you are already there, and when we say there, I, Ashtar am coming through the ethers to discuss this with you here, but we are all there anyway, because that part of you is! So this is not to confuse you – this is simply to expand your own self-perspective, and it is up to you if you want to paint a picture of yourself or if you want to close your eyes and just kind of save it in your brains, your wisdom centers, your Hearts, however you want to do it, know that the word that describes you is called ‘Love!!!’


“And when you focus on Love you are on that Path, and you are heading Home to the Highest Dimensional Level that you choose for yourself. But we see you all, and we stand there at the gates welcoming you, and guess who’s there with us? Well, by then you’ll be all One anyway. One great big loving bundle of Light, and you’ll be merging with that part of you called your Higher Self and you will not have to part again, unless of course, you want to volunteer for 3D again. There is that option, but here’s the good news – you can come even into a 3D body if you want, but that part of you which has come Home will be united within you and you will not forget. Why would you want to do that again? Eons of time with that veil?


“Start celebrating, because you don’t have to do that anymore!!! You are free, you’re on the Path, you’re in the Light, you are the Light, the Love, and whatever you do after you come through that portal, after you make your Ascension, it will be High Dimensional, high vibrational, totally connected and feeling the Love You Are, We Are, as One! And that, Beloved Ones, is the best news bulletin we could possibly deliver to you, so be in Joy, we’re going to celebrate, but first we’re going to have a preview, if you will!


“So yes, Sekhmet is here and she is ready to welcome us all to her ship, so if you will just relax and get very comfortable and breathe in the Lights of Love, even more into your beings, let us welcome Sekhmet. And I, Ashtar, move aside with Love in expression for all, infinite, everlasting and brighter than the brightest of stars for all of you, Beloved Ones!!! And so it is! Salut!”


*Tara & Rama-

Transcription by Brian Coe
Given through Susan Leland, November 27, 2012.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.