Ashtar On The Road Teleconference August 14, 2012

“Well Good Evening, Beloved Family! It is I, Ashtar and the entire Company from the Lighted Realms come to greet you, and you are greeting us by rising up even now in your own sacred, Divine vibrations. This is so joyous and this is what we come to do. It is to embrace each other in the Communion of Family, to be One together, to be One Heart, to share this Oneness, this great coming together and this Love Light with each other, and of course, with all the World and the Universe beyond!!!


“We have heard some momentous news* – put it all together and it spells soon! Still no dates, we always say ‘no dates’ because you know, there are two ways to look at it: there’s before the date and after the date. And just as happened recently at the Olympics – and we do want to take a moment with this just to assure you, no one was wrong when they gave that date of the fourth day of your eighth month of the twelfth year.


“Now that’s kind of an interesting sequence, is it not? Now that surely tells you that that date was not just picked at random, it is and was a significant date. Why? As we have told you before, we were all there, a huge fleet of ships from many, many locations in the Universe, most of them from your own Galaxy. We were there to love and honor all participants, spectators, and viewers around the World. It was absolutely imperative that not one ‘false flag’ event occurred. Not one!


“We were on duty 24/7, before the entire scenery and all sets were prepared, during the event and now, afterwards, to be sure there is no incident, because a lot of the athletes have stayed in Europe even though the events are over. They have stayed on for a little bit more visiting with each other, or what you call the seeing of the sites. So it is most appropriate that we are still on duty there.


“Now, here is an announcement, it’s just kind of a little side thing: we’re on duty everywhere; nevertheless, there are those who thought that the Olympics would be just the ideal place to have an event of a dark nature occur. You know, let’s try the same old tricks and get the World all into a big panic and fear – Oh boy, what an opportunity! Well, we are delighted to tell you, as we knew we would, that not one of these events occurred there – no fear, just Love – the opposite of fear.


“That is because not only were we there, but you were there, Beloved Ones, the people of the World came together in a high consciousness and the sending of the loving energies, and we were there and yes, we were seen!!! But back to that date. Having that announcement go out as it did focused the attention of all who happened to be listening, to the possibility. And so the red carpet was rolled out Worldwide!


“Now, we know that after the date there were some who were, frankly, disappointed, and we understand that too, because you keep hearing dates and dates, and the date comes and as it comes closer you get more excited, you get more high vibe, you get more anxious or in anticipation of Joy, and all of the great happenings that the date is said to contain. The date comes, the date goes. That is why we are telling you that a lot happened on the date of 8-4-12. We want you to know without a doubt, that there was such a huge upsurge in the consciousness, the welcoming of the World, that it set a new record for Planet Earth!!!


“That record is being sustained because that red carpet is as bright as ever – not that we’re going to land specifically on a red carpet, you understand – we just love your lingo and we love to utilize the sayings that you have! It is a way of being in touch, so to speak. We are very much wanting to be in touch now, and great thanks to all of you, even if you had a bit of disappointment that we didn’t actually, you know, take over the Olympics. And stop and think of how that would have been for all of those athletes who had trained so hard to get there, for all of their parents and their families and their beloved ones, for all of the people who had worked so hard to bring this event – that would have been an eclipsing of the Olympics, and to us that would not have been high integrity.


“So I suggest that you keep the red carpet out from your Hearts, but for once thank us that we did not show up in quite that way, and rather just know that we were there every nanosecond of time, as you measure it, and that we thank you for your welcome, because you made it possible, you actually joined with us in helping us to say to you that we accomplished this most important mission.


“Now, this is pre-Ascension, and there is so much – you know, if you started to make a list, and we don’t advise it because you’ll probably fall asleep, you’ll be so exhausted from the effort before you even finish it, of all of the changes which are in the works right now, they are activated, they are live, they are coming soon into what you call your news media! The reason that we value the A & A reports, aside from honoring and loving the Beloveds who bring them to you, the Masters who give their lives to do so, is that it’s a preview, it’s a validation that what we are saying that is coming really is in the works!!! If you really wish to make a list you can check some things off that you heard here even in their report in this gathering.*


“Lines are being drawn, and they are the lines of ‘not this time!’ Never more on Planet Earth! We don’t have to do that program any more because we are getting more and more free in every moment. Now, this is for the World as a whole, and we understand that Beloved Fran mentioned a petition, which is a very worthwhile one** and we do hope that you will find time to sign that one, and others of the same kind because when humanity speaks, guess what? The grey hats and even some of the darkest hats are finally starting to listen – think how long that has taken!


“And so it is to sign them and to draw the lines, yes, but to do it with Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, always, always, always with that as the cornerstone of whatever it is that you choose to present or to put your Hearts into working upon – whether it be writing or whatever – always from that position.


“Now, we have another announcement to make and this too is a biggie! And this is that Forgiveness is increasing! Forgiveness as we have defined it, or rather, as my Beloved Brother Sananda has defined it in the Course in Miracles, is simply the absence of judgment. It is the ability to let go of the baggage that you have been carrying for so long, even before you came into these bodies which you now inhabit, or should we say that you wear as your uniforms. Forgiveness on all Levels!!!


“So if the name Hitler appears before you and you start to feel your solar plexus area scrunching up, take just a moment – seventeen seconds is good, more if you can – send Light, even if that name appears before you in print, send Light to it. You can send it out of your hands, you can send it from your wisdom eye, from your Heart. And if you would like to you can say ho’ponopono, or ‘I forgive,’ or whatever. Practice Random Acts of Forgiveness, because the more that we build Forgiveness as an energy that is zeroing out, you know, the opposite, like, ‘Ooh, I’m going to get back at you,’ and those kinds of things, the more the world is ready for Peace!!!


“Here are some of the things that are pre-Ascension: Peace – talk about laying down the guns! Well, you know, this is an old story, and you know this is still true, the nukes have been disabled, we are disabling any weapons of mass destruction. You know, we can turn Agent Orange into vinegar, and things like that. We have the alchemical knowledge to do that. We have an entire division of the Ashtar Command – well, you might call them the ‘Neutralizers.’


“Now, we understand that can have a little bit of a negative connotation, but what we are saying here is that they can render these weapons of mass destruction, shall we say, useless for that purpose. Furthermore they can decontaminate and detoxify them so that they are not the disposal problem that they would otherwise be, and that includes radioactive materials! We’re working on that in various areas of the world. You may be familiar with the fact that the dirty bombs were set off in Iraq. They did a lot of damage to the humans there; they did a lot of damage to the soils and the waters and the atmosphere in that part of the World, not just Iraq.


“What we are doing is gradually detoxifying. This is Ascension Preparation; this is clearing and cleansing Planet Earth. We are working in Fukushima, we are working in the oceans, and in the air above the oceans, because whatever there is in the water – you’ve heard about evaporation, you know, that’s an old scientific term for the water that turns into vapor and goes up into the atmosphere, and where it lands can be completely different, it can contaminate a whole new area. So it’s not just what is flowing in the waters, it’s what is traveling in the air and in the currents. So we’re working there.


“We are working on what tiny bit of chemtrails remain, and we do want to remind you that sometimes vapors appear, vapor trails appear in the sky. But, you see, what happens is we can be right there to neutralize what comes out so that they are just vapor. And yes, they may look like chemtrails. If you are concerned that you might be walking underneath a chemtrail go deep into your Hearts, gather your Guides, however you may want to do it, and ask, ‘Is there anything that is toxic in that vapor for me?’ And then you might want to get out from under it anyway.


“Now, we’re going to tell you something else, and this is very interesting. Listen up everybody! There are still a lot of toxic programs running. When you see vapor in the sky, what’s your first thought? ‘Chemtrails. They’re poisoning me.’ Well, guess who’s poisoning you? That program that you are running. So you’ve got to start working on clearing this kind of programming out and start realizing that you are in charge!!! Humanity is speaking as One, and we are right there with you because, you see, what happens when the consciousness goes up is the Dimensional level also rises.


“Why do you think so many more people are seeing us in the skies? We’re there -it’s simply that they are able to look beyond the confinements of the third dimension and see us, because we’re there anyway. And sometimes we winky-blinky, sometimes we dance in the sky, sometimes we do a real 3D high vibe performance – remember, it’s high vibe 3D, not low vibe. You’ve got a bunch of different levels in 3D, you know; you’ve got a bunch of different levels in every Dimension.


“We are cleaning up toxicities, and we will continue to do so after our presence is disclosed to an even greater degree. We will be doing flyovers. There are places right here in this island of Maui that are so contaminated by the corporate greed, by the, let’s just say, stressful working conditions, and by the very toxins that they have been spraying around and creating toxic situations in the air, the land and the waters. We can clean these things up, we are working on it now. But when we have our ships available, our detoxing ships – or you can call it the ‘Detox Squad’ if you like that, that’s a nice little way to say it – able to actually come and literally neutralize everything.


“You see, it’s all frequency, everybody, everything has a frequency, and so we can neutralize the poisons and all of those things and bring them to zero point where the soil is now ready for nutrients. Now that’s where you come in, Beloved Ones! Yes, we can do the nutritional part too, but how wondrous it is to partner with you so that you have an opportunity to nurture this now-pristine soil, water, and air! In this way you will join even more with Mother Gaia and all of her Kingdoms. You see what we are talking about here? We’re talking about Unity. Pre-Ascension is to bring you as much into Unity as you are willing to do. Unity Consciousness, you know, you’ve herd that term – Oneness, wherein you are One with all manner of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms!!!


“Now, we have discussed the imminent departure of beings, plants and animals which do have a place on 3D Earth. We have selected for our prime example the mosquito. As it is seen in this moment it is likely that the mosquito, and other varieties of plants and animals which are in some manner toxic, will not be just made extinct but rather they will be traveling to the new, old 3D Planet Earth. And so if you think about that, you can just say, ‘Bye, bye mosquitoes, so long cockroaches, and there’s no more poison ivy where I am!’ Those kinds of things, you see, send them off with appreciation for whatever they have shown to you or your neighbor or whomever, and just be in Joy!


“Sometimes the best thing you can do, and you get such great Joy when you say ‘Bon Voyage’! There you go. So if you know that there is some kingdom of Mother Gaia’s that is about to become no more, in the pre-Ascension and certainly the post-Ascension world, just give them a fond farewell: ‘Thank you so much for doing whatever it is you did, I know I learned something from you, I’m not sure what it was – oh yes, I may have allowed a rattlesnake to bite me in my last life, or whatever, anyway, I learned something from it. Thank you, goodbye,’ and so on.


“Now, we’ve talked about detoxing the Earth, we’ve talked about how the Earth is going to absolutely blossom and grow, and you’re sitting here thinking, ‘Yeah, what about the deserts, what about the droughts, how is that going to work?’ Well, we have a different climate that Earth will be coming into. It will be temperate, water will be readily available everywhere, and all manner of beautiful, beautiful things can grow in as little as a week from the seeds which were planted!


“You remember the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? Well, we’ve got a lot more than beans waiting for you. Nobody is ever going to be hungry, and everybody is going to feel the goodness in the food. You can say ‘Bon Voyage’ to GMO, too, because it’s just not going to be here. That kind of tinkering is over-Rover!!! Done. And don’t you think that Monsanto and the others don’t know it – yes they do! As we mentioned, even some of the darkest hats are waking up and they are understanding, finally. It has taken a long time, these meetings, these diplomatic gatherings.


“Do you remember there was a leader in Russia a long time ago, and when Beloved JFK was President in the United States this leader from Russia got up and made a speech and pounded his shoes to make his point? Ooh, he was really threatening. But JFK and others backed him down. He’s not the leader of Russia anymore, he was no longer in that job quite a while ago; and of course, there have been a succession of leaders. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to tell who is the good guy, and who’s going to be around in leadership positions very shortly in pre-Ascension. Well, we’ll give you a hint. They’re the Lights, they’re the Love/Lights, they’re the ones who dare to speak of Love, they’re the ones who dare to express Compassion for their fellow humans. They are the ones who are truly there to serve, it’s just that simple!!!


You can tell who they are by the great lights that shine, and even though they seem to sometimes be condoning, like signing of laws or actions that don’t seem very high-dimensional, remember that they have beings of two kinds in their circle of associates. They have those real, real dark hats who are still hanging on and making threats and doing all kinds of things, and they need to be certain that hey are safely out of the way, and believe me, they are being taken out of the picture very fast and we are neutralizing the toxicities that they trying to spread, too! That’s a good way to think of it. And then they also have associates who are talking a good talk about wanting to be in service and all of that, but they really aren’t, they really are looking to sabotage the good things from within.


“It is sometimes better for the leader to stand up, and really kind of stand aside and let the ones who want to keep on running the dark programs present themselves – you’ve got some political candidates who are doing a great job of that – and as they speak and tell you what it is they have in mind you say, ‘Well, he/she’s very toxic, we’re not going to vote for them, or we need to say that they have to leave!’ Of course, NESARA’s principles include the leaving of any kind of public service office of anyone who is not truly serving the public or humanity, or the animal kingdom, or the plant kingdom, or the crystals, or whomever we’re talking about. So that’s another pre-Ascension situation that is changing even now. You know, the dominoes are falling and these ones are not going to have the stage much longer!!!


“Now, here’s another biggie, think about this: If you have any wonder or doubt about your financial abundance coming to you, remember this is a promise that is being kept even now, it is in the works. Money isn’t going to make it into the Higher Dimensions and so all of the good that can be done by redistributing all of the value of the gold and all of the other precious metals to back papers – because it’s kind of unhandy to carry a gold brick in your wallets – these have to come before Ascension because you are not going to need them afterwards!!! We’ll be talking about post-Ascension momentarily but this is a biggie!


“Instead of doubting, welcome it!!! What we often say in one-on-one conversations with Beloved Family Members who desire to have a chat or a discussion, is to start creating your own visions of your abundance, of your perfect health, whatever it is that you desire, because you’re going to get healthy and you are going to stay healthy! Now, when we say ‘health,’ everybody’s got a different concept of that. The person who’s got the shaky heart sees that as the ideal, the person who has the crippled legs, or maybe legs missing, sees that as the vision of perfect health.


“So figure out what your vision of perfect health is. Maybe you just want to be one big smiling body radiating Light and Love, no dark places anywhere; whatever it is draw it, write it, create it in your mind’s eye and keep it handy. Put up sticky notes, do whatever you want to do to focus upon your Divine Self as the ultimate Creator of your life! Nobody else is creating it for you, and if you have the idea that it’s all so and so’s fault, my mother made me a sissy ­– no such thing by the way ­– or, I had to shoot this guy down the street or otherwise he was going to come and shoot me, whatever it is, forget it, that’s low vibe!


“Live in high vibration to create. You want a larger house? Create it. You want a little red sports car like Sekhmet drives? Alright, create it. Create your life. Create your true self. What does that mean? It means quit creating yourself in any kind of a phony manner and be the bright shining Divine Light that you are, let it shine, Family! Because that’s Who You Really Are! That’s how we see you!!! If you see yourself as crippled or as having some sort of a physical problem, or you’re in financial lack or whatever it is, see yourself as we see you, and that’s as Divine Creator in your own right!


“We understand that there are many energies coming in, and believe me if you’ve got any dark places anywhere you’ve got to get into housecleaning, real fast, because these energies are just going to bring all this stuff up in your face! They’re going to recreate and you will experience that which you have not gotten the wisdom from – you’re not done with it yet – and they’re going to perhaps give you some rather serious Ascensionitis things going on so that you also have to start taking healing naps – how about that one?


“All kinds of situations and events are part of this pre-Ascension whirlwind of activity and new states of being. You‘ve got to shake things up sometimes, in order to get things into balance. So this is a real opportunity for you to look at whatever there is that you see within yourself, first of all, that you want to clear and, shall we say, be the Alchemical Masters who have replaced any kind of low or negative vibration with high vibe happiness!!!


“When you do that for yourself you’re helping the whole Planet and the Universe beyond, but let’s get a little closer to home, let’s talk about your family or your beloved ones, or your neighbors. What happens is that you start radiating out all these good vibes and they pick up on them, and that helps them on their Ascension paths as well. And so it is that you will have not only a clearer more high vibe self to love and to be joyful with but you’ll be spreading it! You’ll become the new contagious beings, contagious with all the good stuff!!!


“As it goes out through your neighborhood, your community, and the country even where you live, it joins with all the other high frequencies and high vibrations, and the Higher Dimensionalities start being real on Planet Earth! This is how you prepare – start within yourselves, make your connections with your Divinity! Yes, take time to write a petition, or to write a news story for the internet on something that you are familiar with, but start looking at everything as simply the starting point and there is nowhere to go except up into a zero point kind of an atmosphere where you can create all new fresh, cleansed, pure, pristine, happy, joyful and loving surroundings, because that, Beloved Beings, Beloved Family, is your post-Ascension reality!!! So why not? Let’s do it together!


“We’ve got Sekhmet waiting in the wings and she’s so anxious to come forward and to join with you in creating the post-Ascension World lifestyles for you! We assure you that we are here and much closer and able to do much more. It’s exponentially increased, even since a month ago in your time, as you measure it! We are so much more empowered and that, Beloved Ones, is because you have invited us to come in and you’ve rolled out the red carpets right from your Hearts, and we’re with you always at your service to support and love you beyond words as you serve all of Planet Earth and indeed the universe beyond!!!


“And so we thank you with all the Love in our beings as we join here with you to create together post-Ascension Planet Earth. And so it is. Salut!”

The Galactic Anthem, given to us by Kana Benz, preceded Ashtar
* Tara and Rama’s A&A Report
** Stop the Serengeti Sell-Off – Save The Maasai
Transcription by Brian Coe
Given through Susan Leland, August 14, 2012. © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.