Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – October 23, 2012
“Greetings, Beloved Family!” As the outer changes accelerate, it is only natural that the World would be focusing upon them. We shall indeed be receiving the latest updates on these momentous events from our fabulous A&A Team* when next we gather!** For, as you know, the consciousness has shifted, or, as we like to say, it has uplifted, so that there is no turning back from your Divine Destiny of the Ascension of Planet Earth!!!
Ashtar Command“Nevertheless, we are not quite there yet, and there is much to do in the remaining Earth time which remains. Now, we are doing our maximum utmost to assist, support, and even to intervene when the situation warrants. What we are needing in order to do even more, is your continuing participation, Beloved Ones. There is only a tiny bit of veil remaining between us and the totality of your World, and we are as anxious as are you to transmute that veil into no-thingness. Then we shall be in enjoyment of the sweetest of reunions!!!
“Meanwhile, it is for us to assist you and for you to assist us, by joining our forces of Love, as it were, in continuing the beaming of our Truth to all. Of course, you know that the greatest Truth is Love itself, and it is with unparalled Joy that we feel the sincerity and the empowerment of your Lovebeams!!! Love has many expressions, and we shall be in discussion and focus upon a most powerful one, which is that of Gratitude! Yes, we shall be sending forth waves of loving thanks to all participants in this great evolvement of Planet Earth, for without each and every one of the players in her drama, you would not have reached exactly the place where you are in exactly the same way!
“As the news of the dark hat controllers of this drama comes into the Light more and more, there could be what you call a backlash of anger – indeed some of this has already begun, and it could possibly reach explosive proportions in some locations! Our loving Exercise of Gratitude to all shall indeed be a powerfully soothing de-fuser of this anger, and we invite all of you to join with us in co-creation of this healing! We have come so far together, and we see the outcome already in the success of your Ascension – it is only for us to join together in our Oneness to pave the remaining path with the Roses of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude!!! Salut!”
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Given through Susan Leland, October 21, 2012.
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