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By Ashtar
channeled by Rev Janisel of Sananda’s Eagles

My Dearest Friends…. I come to assure you that things are as they should be. There are great amounts of energy bombarding your earth at this time and everything is being greatly accelerated. NOW is the time for ‘focus’. You who are the bridges between Heaven and Earth are the ‘hands and feet’ of the Command, so to speak. It is through you that much of our work is done. As I said, much has been accelerated and — although we wish you to remain in a state of joy and lightheartedness — it is now time to put your ‘work’ in its proper perspective and concentrate on the mission at hand [Ascension of the Planet NOW].

We are working very diligently to gather the lightworking [present and future] Eagles together in order to prepare the general population for what is to come. This means that each and every one of YOU are needed at this time to make a commitment in your own heart as to what role you will play in this. In other words, it is time to get serious. We are not asking you to give your lives over to the Ashtar Command exclusively, for you each have many missions and sub-missions that you are here to accomplish. What we are asking, however, is that for those of you who feel your connection to us to band together, so to speak, in order to establish and implement certain ‘activities’ towards the goals which have been set before us.

You lightworking [present and future] Eagles have shown that you can do this numerous times, such as in the planting of crystals and the activation of the grids. This was and is an excellent example of the Unity we wish for you to achieve, and our heartfelt thanks go to all of you who have participated in this project. Rest assured there will be other projects we will ask you to work on. For the time being, we are asking you to continue in this Unity, and stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Do not let yourselves become ‘bogged down’ in the mundane affairs of your day-to-day activities. We wish for those of you who are aligned with the Command and its work to interact with each other in manifesting this bond of Unity. You are held within the gentle hand of All That Is and encircled with the energy of Unconditional Love of such depths that your present consciousness can not truly comprehend its magnitude.

We of the Command and the Spiritual Hierarchy are working most diligently to help you and all mankind reach its full potential. As a ‘return energy exchange’, we ask each of you to now search your hearts and decide what it is that you are capable and willing to do in partnership with us. For you see, we are truly in a partnership in which each and every one must play their part.

NOW is the time to begin. NOW is the time to decide your focus. NOW is the time to dedicate yourselves to the work at hand. We need your hands, we need your feet, we need your voice, we ask your commitment. To paraphrase the words of The Most Radiant One, spoken so long ago, “it is time to be about the Father’s business”.

There is no longer the luxury of time to be spent in petty pursuits, bickering, judgment, or anger. Your time, which we have worked towards for eons, is at hand. Know that, even though you may not see us in your skies, we are most definitely close to you, and send you our deepest blessings and love.

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通过阿斯塔 由牧师的萨南达的老鹰Janisel
我最亲爱的朋友….我来向你保证,事情是因为他们应该是。有数额巨大的能量轰击地球在这个时候,一切都被大大加快。现在是时候了’重点’。谁是天堂和地球之间的桥梁是“手脚”命令,可以这么说。它是通过我们的工作做。正如我所说,很多已经加快, – 虽然我们希望你留在快乐和无忧无虑的状态 – 现在是时候把你的’工作’在适当的角度,专注于手头的任务[升天现在地球。
我们正在非常努力地收集现在和未来的lightworking []老鹰为了准备是什么来的一般人群一起。这意味着,每一个都需要在这个时候,在你自己的心,你将扮演什么样的角色,在此作出承诺。换句话说,它是时候认真起来。我们不要求你给你的生活阿什塔尔命令专门为你们每个人都有,你在这里完成的许多任务和子任务。我们都在问什么,但是,对于那些你觉得你的连接到我们联合起来,可以这么说,为了实现这些目标已摆在我们面前的’活动’,以树立和落实。

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