I was at this conference and caught a bit of his talk. It was very interesting. I really think you will enjoy this! I LOVE Astrid too! What a beautiful light!

Published on Nov 11, 2012
Astrid on Air with Steven D Kelley on the Brilliant Essence radio show.
keynote speaker at the Alchemy Event 2012 Cosmic Activation presented in Los Angeles this Nov 16, 17, 19. This event will feature numerous powerful speakers who will address our future with respect to the cosmic events coming soon.
Steven says: “I am an inventor, laser pioneer, writer, and public speaker. I have worked in the defense industry and founded S.K.Industries, the producer of Law17 laser aiming systems used by law enforcement and military. I was a contractor for the NSA, and have worked on projects for the CIA. During this time, I was exposed to Billy Meier and everything regarding ETs, beam ships, alien politics, and technology. This led to deeper contact with secret groups including Templars, and Bildeburgers. The result of these experiences led me to develop my psychic skills and to go on to become a healer using energy. I lecture on many topics, have written a soon to be published book, and teach Reiki healing.”

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