Astrological Analysis of December 14th ~ 21th, 2012 ~ Malcolm

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 05:53 PM PST

Astrologer: Malcolm
MC (point over one’s head on the horoscope) = 28 Degrees Taurus 35 minutes. I like this placement because it is directly equal to the Uranian midpoint formula of N. Node / Ascendant. This is defined as “connections with others in the environment” (AND PLEIADES (“the seven sisters”) IS SPREAD FROM 29 DEGREES TAURUS TO 1 DEGREE GEMINI. This may define a connections with Pleiades in some way, possibly psychic connections with the energies from this star group).
Ascendant (eastern horizon point) = 2 degrees Virgo 56 minutes, with Regulus rising above the eatern horizon at a placement of 0 degrees Virgo. Regulus is the Watcher of The North, and the star of Archangel Raphael. This star is associated with great fortune and recognition for leadership in a particular field, unless gains were ill-gotten (and thus may result in some removal of such gains).
Descendant (western horizon point) equals 2 degrees Pisces 56 minutes, with Formalhaut descending below the western horizon point  at a placement of 3 degrees Pisces 52 minutes. Formalhaut is the Watcher of the South, and the star of Archangel Gabriel. This star is associated with studies of occult and ceremonial magic, fame, and lasting honors. In bad aspects it can define drug addictions and obsessions.
Sun = 26 degrees Sagitarrius 36 minutes, and IS WITHIN 1/2 DEGREE OF CLOSING IN ON A LINEUP WITH A VERY MAJOR MASSIVE BLACK HOLE (discovered in 1932) NEAR THE GALACTIC CENTER OF OUR GALAXY. According to 20th century analysis, this position is associated with UFO and alien consciousness (and that is not my interpretation. I do have a key planet near this position, and  I recently saw my second UFO on 09/10/12 at 4AM in Georgetown, Texas. My first was in 1971, while with some boy scouts in Mississippi). Also on the list includes crisis of faith, spiritual urges, interest in philosophy, and interest in meeting different people. This is a black hole, which means no light escapes from it (since a tablespoon of black hole matter weights 1 quadtrillion tons). And yes: black holes are out-of-sight.
Jupiter = 9 degrees Gemini 18 minutes, and is within 1/2 degree of separating from a direct lineup with Aldebaran, otherwise known as the star of Michael (and there are so many people on this website suddenly writing about Archangel Michael! Whats with that?) This star is also known as the Watcher of The East. This placement is associated with eloquence, as well as high honors awarded to those who take on heavy responsibilities and are aware of such responsibilities. Hence, it’s like Saturn’s energies, and not many people are qualified for this type of energy. Finally, check out the pyramid formation of Jupiter (in the 10th house) per angles with Saturn in the third house, Mercury in the 4th house, and Pluto and Mars in the 5th house. THIS IS A SPECTACULAR FORMATION, and it seems to draw out a pyramid almost perfectly!!!
Mercury = 9 degrees Sagitarrius and 48 minutes, and is in EXACT lineup with Antares, otherwise known as the star of Archangel Oriel and the Watcher of the West. This star is associated with honors and a love for the spirit of adventure. Travel and seeking of knowledge is thus associated with it. Mercury is also within 1/2 degree of a 180 degree lineup with Jupiter, and this favors communications, travel, and acquired knowledge. Mercury and Jupiter are involved in a direct mutual reception due to their sign placements, and this 180 degree lineup (and being placed on two Royal Stars of Persia) is VERY, VERY, RARE.
Venus = 2 degrees Sagitarrius 24 minutes, and is in its last favorable position, separating from the star of Yed Prior at 2 degrees Sagitarrius 18 minutes. This star is associated with success in knowledge acquired, especially in areas pertaining to spirituality, the occult, astrology, and religious-based inspiration. The next few days will feature Venus entering the Crown of The Scorpion (Dschubba Isidis), which seems to feature a stern and intense Pluto-type of energy (i.e. the “analyst” at his/her best, or the “gangster” at his/her worst). This may have a variety of effects with relationships of all sorts (Venus) as 12/21/12 approaches.
Mars = 23 degrees Capricorn 49 minutes, and is in an EXACT lineup with the star of Peacock (otherwise called Alpha Pavonis). This star is associated with a love for vanity and appearance, and is associated with fame and honors. Mars will definitly like this star.
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Pluto = 8 degrees Capricorn 49 minutes, and is within 1 degree of a direct lineup with the star of Facies. This is “the turd in the punchbowl.” Facies is associated with blindness and injuries to the face and the limbs, especially if involved with war. There is leadership potential, but the energies are usually defined as somewhat combative and desires for taking risks may take place, according to what I read. Please not that while Pluto is associated with organized crime, it also rules banks. And they reportedly aren’t doing too good at the moment.
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