by Kathy Biehl

astrology-forecast-for-march-2014_OMTimesHere is the Astrology Forecast for March 2014 – Strap on your bungee cord.  The ground-shifting is starting that will rock us all by April. Every tilt, lurch, lunge and, ultimately, breakthrough delivers us back to the platform where the year began — yet also closer to what you’d like to do with it.

Not to mention who you’d like to have on the platform with you, and who you would not. This month tweaks relationships of all kinds. It is calibrating the connection between our hearts and will, between desire and drive, and between two people in many, many, many different circumstances.

The backward journey comes from two planets going retrograde as the month begins:  Mars, the ruler of our drive, in the relationship sign of Libra (on the 1st, through May 20) and structure-oriented Saturn in Scorpio, the sign of our deepest connecting (on the 2nd, through July 20).  Watch for recent relationship developments to resurface (and possibly old ones, too). Some connections may pick up; some may intensify; some may restructure; some may leave for good.

The calibration process begins with a call to action that will not be ignored. This bursts out of the otherwise gentle atmosphere of the therapeutic and optimism-inducing Pisces New Moon, which launches the month with the promise of wishes finding fulfillment. (Read more in my mooncast.)  Ask for what you want. Let your hopes up. If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true? Besides, it just might.