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Greece fevers with a massive 24-hour general strike as more than30 trade unions participate in the anti-austerity mobilization organized by public and private sector unions ADEY and GSEE. The strike comes just days before the announcement of an additional austerity package of 11.5 billion euro and extra taxes of 2 billion euro. With the austerity package Greeks will see their wages and pensions to undergo further cuts.  A new Troika imposed taxation system is expected to abolish tax free amounts for self-employed and freelancers. All these measures will come , while recession is at -7% and unemployment at 23.6% with galloping tendency. More than 1:2 youth is without job.

It is the first general strike and organized mass protest since Samaras’s coalition government took office after the elections in June.


Anti-austerity protests and clashes are over. A bunch of rioters managed for one more time to dissolve a peaceful demonstration.

We’ve seen this film before….

The journalist detained earlier for bearing a gas mask in his bag was released after intervention of the journos’ union.

The number of protesters has been estimated as 100,000 people.

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