“It is having the effect of stopping the corruption at its root’s frequency dynamic.”

Alexandra Meadors reveals the details of a ceremony that took place on Friday, January 8, 2016. In addition to Alexandra, Marcia Webster and Bibi Tinsley were also participants. Alexandra asked Bibi to assist in the message’s delivery.

From Jeff, our good friend and fellow navigator:

“That sounds like a very satisfying ceremony you did. When I read this I can see energetically lines of dominoes going out in every direction falling over. It is spreading out the same way lines of dominoes fall.

What I am getting unfolded from that, is that “all the aspects that contend control here are being revamped inwardly and restored to an optimized balance within those structures. This will release the bonds that are contracting their realization for achievement of their Hearts desires.”

In plainer language, “it is having the effect of stopping the corruption at its root’s frequency dynamic.”



March 23, 2015

road-to-success1This is no laughing matter folks! This exercise is a GREAT WAY for you to get involved and do your bit to raise the vibration on this planet! Please, scroll below for the direction on this simple process. Read Veronica’s latest message after working with Da Vid in Jeruselem! “We just built a larger Pyramid over Jerusalem, The Dome of Rock 50 miles wide and 30 miles high (a larger pyramid over the one we built before to amplify it by 10 times). When we first built the first pyramid over the Dome of the Rock, Da Vid watched it closely and said it affected the elections and had an immediate effect….now with a larger Pyramid over it, lets see what happens….it was powerful, wow!….we are surely energized now!” Veronica


This is huge! PLEASE take the time to do this, even if it is for your own private home.

Love Alexandra


February 23, 2015

butterflyIf you haven’t tried the tower work and have wondered if it could help your life, read this latest testimonial that just came in over the weekend:

“Thank you Veronica for your dedication and help in building the pyramid over my house ! My entire life changed towards positive and light ! Thank u to Alexandra , for doing and teaching us how to protect and share this technique in transforming darkness to light and permanently restoring the rightful balance of our planet ! Peace, <3, Light Arsha

We need more assistance so please step forward and help us transform the darkness!  The instructions and recording are below! Veronica is my “right hand woman” and is on fire to take this across the world.

You can contact Veronica at PyramidGridWork@gmail.com for more assistance.

Love you



February 21, 2015

Good News Arrives in Open Envelope and LetterThe Pyramidal Tower Work is paying off folks!  PLEASE, if you want to help our planet and don’t know where to start, begin with this! It is monumental and greatly assisting our Galactic Brothers and Sisters! Veronica Saunders has really committed to this work and is seeing and feeling great shifts because of this. Will you be another to assist in removing low vibrations, dark entities, karmic layovers, and more? The more we build, the greater and vaster the network becomes for The Light on the Ground Floor! Read the new testimonies below:

“When I first heard Alexandra asking for helping to build Pyramids I immediately saw an opportunity to contribute to heal the planet and getting actively involved to move towards the Golden Age faster.
Then Lynn, Casimir & I started building Pyramids! The day prior we received an alert from Alexandra how important it was to do something about 39 locations where there was a lot of darkness going on involving innocent lives! First we worked on these locations worldwide and let me tell you, what an experience! After we finished those we continued and worked major financial structures on our planets building Pyramids (once build are permanent set in place with guardians overlooking them) and transforming the dark vortexes/frequencies and reversing them to the highest frequencies possible! That day I started out tired and after we finished, omg I never felt this elevated, energized and fully activated! So did Lynn and Casimir! We knew then there was hope to be part of creating something big here.” Veronica Saunders
“In this day and age with so much planetary deceit, slavery, and corruption, we the loving people of the planet need to protect each other by bringing our energy together to remove the entities of darkness.
When I was introduced to the idea of pyramid building, I didn’t quite understand, but I believe in energy and I believe in God’s word.
‘When two or three come together, there I am.’

“After building the pyramid over my home, I can honestly say my house feels different; cleaner, lighter in spirit and protected.
I highly recommend the process to everyone.

Thank you Veronica and Casimir.”  Merrilee Show

Here are the audio instructions on how to create this pyramids around the world! Help us help our world!




February 10, 2015

Please feel free to use and distribute this audio recording of instructions on how to build The Pyramidal Towers Around The World. Thank you Veronica for this great idea! Continue to keep us posted on your testimonials and experiences when building these structures etherically.

Lots of love



How To Build Pyramidal Towers

Addendum January 21, 2015

How cool it is that creating these pyramids over The Vatican brought the following about…….

You can imagine the look on my face when I went to watch the Ancient Alien series uploaded into Netflix the other night.  I thought I was starting at the beginning, unaware that my husband had already watched 10 previous series and that was where I ended up beginning.  What was the topic? The true depiction of King Pacal’s sarcophagus  within Palenque’s Temple of Inscriptions!  Now get this…a guy named Paul Francis had created a 3D rendition of the inscriptions and it is amazing!!! What a coincidence.  Check this link for the pictures of Pacal’s spacecraft: http://www.lucasfrancisstudio.com/lfs/film-work?album=7&gallery=110

Then I found from wikipedia, the following – Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license:

Aliens Among Us or Spiritual Symbol?!

“Pacal’s Sarcophagus has commanded a great deal of attention since its appearance in the 1968 best selling book by Erich von Däniken, “Chariots of the Gods.” It has become proof for many who insist that alien astronauts visited the Earth and that they interacted with human beings, and with the Mayans in particular. They say that this image clearly depicts King Pacal as an astronaut, with his hand on the control panel and his foot on the pedal. It has been speculated that he has an oxygen tube in his mouth. On the other hand, those fluent in Mayan iconography will tell you that this carving is not that of an ancient astronaut, but of the great Mayan ruler, King Pacal, at the moment of his death. He is shown falling through the Mayan equivalent of the Tree of Life into underworld where he will be re-born.”  Pacal the Great from Wikipedia


According to Von Daniken:

Pacal “has a complicated helmet which does not cover his face…”  He also is “seen as a deceased ruler, Pacal, in a state of suspension between two worlds – the world of the living and that of the dead. He is shown here in a composite design of a cross, a two-headed serpent, and a corn plant, rich in Mayan symbolism….Below the “astronaut’s” seat is the “Earth Monster,” guardian of the underworld.”

Okay….I said WHOA! This is intertwining so much with the African missions and their involvement with Enki, whose image is a double-helix snake, or the Caduceus, the winged symbol used by modern Western medicine. He was also known as the Lord of the Earth or the God of the Underworld. I received constant messages that we were focusing solely on Enki and his involvement with the underworld.


According to http://www.answers.com/topic/eridu:

“In Sumerian mythology, Eridu was originally the home of Enki, who was considered to have founded the city, later known by the Akkadians as Ea. His temple was called E-Abzu, as Enki was believed to live in Abzu (“Deep Ocean”), an aquifer from which all life was believed to stem…..In Sumerian mythology, Eridu was the home of the Abzu temple of the god Enki, the Sumerian counterpart of the Akkadian water-god Ea. Like all the Sumerian and Babylonian gods, Enki/Ea began as a local god, who came to share, according to the later cosmology, with Anu and Enlil, the rule of the cosmos. His kingdom was the waters that surrounded the World and lay below it (Sumerian ab=water; zu=far).”

Well as I was so incessantly reminded, South Africa is The ABZU!!! The primordial mound was also in South Africa.  According to Zecharia Sitchin, the anunnaki landing place is Eridu. So is Eridu in Southern Iraq or Southern Africa? Can there by more then one primordial mound pertaining to which world age it was/is?


Due to countless messages I received in Africa, I kept feeling my work had much to do with Poseidon, The Trident, and the Seal of Man….Check out the Etymology of the name Poseidonseal of man

The Greek religion has its roots in Mycenaean mythology, and Poseidon was originally the head of the Mycenaean Pantheon. The Mycenaeans used Linear B script which descends from Cretan hieroglyphs.

Poseidon’s name in Linear B script was Po-se-da-o-ne. Po-se means “Lord”, “master”, or “Husband”, while Da-o-ne means “the Earth”. Poseidon’s name was literally “Lord of the Earth”. (http://www.debate.org/debates/Resolved-Poseidon-and-prometheus-were-originally-the-same-entity/1/)

Then I stumbled upon this website with more connecting of the dots…http://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/other/crystalinks/sumergods.html

Ea stands in his watery home the Apsu.

Enki walks out of the water to the land.
Enki is attended by a god with two faces called Usmu (Isimud).

Enki with the Gods and the Initiate.
The Water of Life flowing into the aboratory glassware
indicates alchemical circulations.

Within his sacred precinct ‘Mound of Creation’ in Eridu, Enki unraveled the secrets of life and death.

His emblem was two serpents entwined on a staff – the basis for the winged caduceus symbol used by modern Western medicine.

Enki was the god who created the first humans: In those days, in those years, The Wise One of Eridu, Ea, created him as a model of men. His name was Adapa, Adam in the Old Testament: Elohim created the Adam in His image – in the image of Elohim created He him.

Enki is a god of water, creation, and fertility (semem). He was once known as En-kur, lord of the underworld, which either contained or was contained in the Abzu. He struggled with Kur as mentioned in the prelude to “Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and the Underworld”, and presumably was victorious and thereby able to claim the title “Lord of Kur” The Realm.

Enki had a fun loving and mischievous nature. His sacred number is 40.

He also holds dominion over the land. He is the keeper of the ‘me’ – the Divine Laws – the Rules of the Universe. The ‘me’ were assembled by Enlil in Ekur and given to Enki to guard and impart to the world, beginning with Eridu, his center of worship. From there, he guards the me and imparts them on the people. He directs the ‘me’ towards Ur and Meluhha and Dilmun, organizing the world with his decrees.

Later, Inanna comes to Enki and complains at having been given too little power from his decrees. In a different text, she gets Enki drunk and he grants her more powers, arts, crafts, and attributes – a total of ninety-four ‘me’. Inanna parts company with Enki to deliver the ‘me’ to her cult center at Erech. Enki recovers his wits and tries to recover the ‘me’ from her, but she arrives safely in Erech with them.

Enki was the leader of the first sons of Anu that came down to Earth. He played the pivotal role in saving humanity from the global Deluge. He defied the Anunnaki ruling council and told Ziusudra (the Sumerian Noah) how to build a ship on which to save humanity from the killing flood. Ea would have been over 120 sars old at that time, yet his activity with humanity continued to be actively reported for thousands of years thereafter.

Creation of first man by Anunnaki.
Laboratory vessels and Tree of Life.
Anu sent Enki and his followers to Earth to live.

The sons of the gods fell in love with the daughters of men, married them and had children by them. Then not wanting their lovers to die they taught them the secrets of immortality that Ea had discovered. Those secrets were the secrets of alchemy.

Enki’ youngest son was Ningizzida, Lord of the Tree of Truth, in Mesopotamia. He was revered as Thoth in Egypt and Hermes in the West. Thoth is the Scribe. As Hermes he is the Magician – the Alchemist. The ancient Mystery School Teachings of thoth were past down to his Initiates who became the priests. They hid the secret knowledge passed it down secretly through the ages. This knowledge of creation is now called Sacred Geometry.


 Another site has timelines listed as follows: http://www.greatdreams.com/anunnaki/grandma-nammu.htm

444,000 B.C.E.— ENKI and the Anunnaki (“Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came”) arrive.

414,000 B.C.E.—ENLIL arrives to take command. ANU directs Enki to mine in South Africa.


Now here is a snippet regarding Atlantis and its connection to the ocean:”That the Merovingian bloodline came from elsewhere is clear because of the legend that surrounds their founder, King Meroveus, who is said to have been the spawn of a “Quinotaur” (a sea monster), who raped his mother when she went out to swim in the ocean. Now it becomes obvious why he is called “Meroveus”, because in French, the word “mer” means sea. And in some traditions, Atlantis was called Meru, or Maru. (2) For these gods, navigation above all was important to them, for it was their sea power that maintained their military might and their successful mercantile trade. (3) The Atlanteans were associated with the sea and were often depicted as mermen, or sea monsters, with scales, fins, and horns.” http://quintessentialpublications.com/twyman/?page_id=47


OK so we have Enki, Alien Cosmonauts, The anunnaki, Atlantis (The Atlantean Wormhole we closed down in Botswana), and The Vatican….what ties them all together? Is it the gold? oppression of The Lulu? or what?

1) Supposedly the Vatican controls at least 1/4th of the world’s gold supply.

2) The anunnaki from Nibiru came to Earth to mine gold from the Sumerians due to  impending ecological collapse within their own civilization

3) The Vatican has continually hoarded massive amounts of gold and treasures of gold.

4) The Vatican made an ancient pact with the anunnaki originally but are they now holding back the gold reserves from the anunnaki or working in alliance with them?

Here’s an excerpt from http://quintessentialpublications.com/twyman/?page_id=47 regarding this:

“Since the time of King Clovis I, the Merovingian kings had been under a pact with the Vatican, in which they had pledged their allegiance to the Mother Church in exchange for Papal backing of the their united empire of Austrasia. They would forever hold the title of “New Constantine”, a title that would later morph into “Holy Roman Emperor.” But that “allegiance” on the part of the Merovingians towards the Church began to wear thin after a while. Obviously, given their infernal and divine origin, their spiritual bent was slightly different from that of organized Christianity. In addition, as direct descendants of the historical Christ himself, they would have possessed access to the secret teachings of Christ, no doubt shockingly different from the ones promoted by the Church, and reflecting more of the “secret doctrine” of the rebellious gods that I have talked about in this article. Any public knowledge of this or the blood relationship between Christ and the Merovingians would have been disastrous for the Church.” http://quintessentialpublications.com/twyman/?page_id=47


Addendum January 16, 2015

VaticanMap-AerialYesterday I did some Pyramidal Tower building with several people.  One experience stands out in particular with Veronica and Eduardo.  Veronica had diligently brought forth a list of some of the major organizations around the world that needed to have this work done. There was the World Trade Center, NATO, The UN, The Vatican just to name several.  As she was listing off the institutions, her phone went dead for no apparent reason right as she sharing the list with us, stating that she really wanted to get these 5 done before our session ended.  The phone went dead and I was lead to look at the clock which displayed none other than 11:11.  A message came in to “prioritize” and” focus on the largest, most invasive and darkest of them all”…you got it; The Vatican.

So we did just that! We pulled up an aerial map of Vatican City to align all of our visualizations and “position” the 3 sided pyramid in the appropriate location.  But as I was looking at the map, I was literally dumbfounded.  Was it this obvious to everyone else as it was to me? Take a look!

Vatican_City_map_ENOr perhaps these two would make it clearer to see? Do you see what I see? It is a profile of a head with two appendages coming out of the top of the boundary line of the city as well as two appendages coming off of the chin area.  What was most interesting was the infamous St. Peter’s Square, interestingly located where the reptilian brain is located on a human head.  I began receiving more hunches and came up with all sorts of interesting correlations. Be patient with me because I have to connect the dots…

When I was in Africa, we visited Adam’s Calendar and the very first thing we saw as we passed the gate was an ancient rendition of an ancient man. Here is an excerpt from one blog regarding this stone:

Adams Calendar clitoris

“On visiting this site one is startled straight away as standing at the entrance pillar is a giant stone man with a triangle carved in his forehead. In 1994 this stone man was stolen and some years later it was returned as a memorial plaque to the Blue Swallow Nature Reserve. Stone man has been moved from its original position, which is approximately 2 kilometres away up the hill and at the entrance to the main standing stone site. Stone man is not standing at the entrance to Adams calendar. Baba Mutwa calls stone man the clitoris of mother earth. This is because the clitoris is a frequency device.” (http://www.afribeat.com/naturalmystic/stones/adamscalendar/adamscalendarimagelibrary.htm)

Now, I will provide further pictures of it later, but for now what I want to stress is that it was shaped like a clitoris. Here is another depiction from the ancients:ancient clitoriskey hole

St. Peter’s also has the distinct shape of a key hole.st peteres square

So now look at St. Peter’s Square and see if you see the resemblance of the shape. And if you look at the profile it appears that it is right around the back of the neck – almost like a plug location, which isn’t too far fetched since almost all of the implants we have removed thus far are located at the back of the neck.

The profile also gives a feel of a roman helmut like this:

ancient roman helmut

And then I found several depictions of ancient astronauts such as this:

ancient spacesuit statutes from mesoamericaancientalienspacesuit2ancient astronauts









But the REAL FIND was stumbling upon a website that reviewed Pacal’s Tomb of the Astronaut! OMG! You gotta love coincidences…

Look at the city limits of The Vatican City and then look at the profile and picture of this man and the description of this art.  Is that JUST a head rest or is there something within it that he is plugged into?

Sarcophagus lid from King Pacal’s Tomb
c. 680 A.D. Temple of Inscriptions Palenque

One of the most magnificent and famous pieces of Maya art yet discovered, King Pacal’s sarcophagus lies deep within Palenque’s Temple of Inscriptions. King Pacal was one of the longest ruling kings in history and left behind a grand legacy in the monuments of Palenque. The original is over 6’ wide by 10’ long, weighs several tons and cannot be removed from the tomb.

It was on June 15, 1952, that AIfred Ruz and his excavation crew looked upon a tomb that had been hidden away for over twelve centuries. It was from the inscriptions on Pacal’s sarcophagus that we have learned about his life, reign, death, and beliefs about the afterlife. To be sure conventional archaeology has what it thinks is a prosaic explanation for the strange markings on the sarcophagus lid; Pacal entering the underworld.

To some others, this explanation is too conventional and does not explain the apparent machine from a culture supposedly without wheels or machinery. Some have suggested that this is a capsule, as in space capsule, with the orientation of the craft to be vertical rather than horizontal, as shown. Others believe it is some type of earthbound vehicle perhaps built to negotiate the miles of tunnels found under the earth.

Perhaps, we have an ancient man operating the dials of a machine, supported by a head rest, leaning forward, with evidence of some form of propulsion from the back.

The sarcophagus showed a well shaved man wearing clothings much like a close-fitting space-suit. The man was half way lying on a wrapping seat which held his lower back and his thighs, his nape reclined on a head-rest. His hands seem to be moving levers and controls.

The obvious question is: is the man depicted, a Mayan? In fact, supposedly, the Maya did not know machines of any kind, nor were they aware of the wheel. Nevertheless, the side panels, the tubes and the other devices make one think of some high developed technology. That’s why this tomb is called the tomb of the astronaut.  Via: Ooparts

Maybe it is just me, but it sure looks like there could be a connection between the key – the clitoris – the womb and creation of life – and the ancient astronauts perhaps?

Oh well – just thought it was too fascinating to pass up sharing.

And the energy grid building went excellently!  In fact I received a message to notice news regarding The Vatican, that this would contribute to the dismantling of it from the inside out.  I saw the Pyramidal Tower propel such massive amounts of darkness and then finally convert into a brilliant golden hue.  It then began to spread golden tentacles throughout the countries, and I was then told that Mother Earth would be processing this – that anything that The Vatican’s bloody hands were involved with was being purified energetically. We were told to stop and let things unfold.

So please do me a favor.  If you find any interesting developments regarding The Vatican, please send them my way!

Love to you all as always,



Addendum for January 5, 2015

triangular-pyramidANOTHER List has been submitted of places to focus on in order to build Pyramidal Towers over and under these locations! Thank you Marylee for this list.  Let’s keep the momentum going – I am getting some great feedback…if you want to help the planet but don’t know what to do, this is a huge contribution and you don’t have to have super special pyschic skills to do so.  INTENTION is key…Steve and I will help you if we can as well.

Take a look at some of these places – this list is the world murder statistics from The World Health Organization and other organizations.

Also, here is a testimonial from Veronica on her experience last week with the Pyramidal Tower work!
“Wow, we did some great work today…Lynn, Kasmir, & I….we just completed working on the 39 MILABS in the US & 2 in England (building pyramids) and we built pyramids on the first 9 locations of the 44 Controllers of the WF…that was powerful and liberating”
Keep it going folks!
Stay tuned for my interview with Jame Gilliland on Tuesday from 3-4:55 PM PST on Station Two.  Click here to review our radio program and archived shows.
Love you all
Addendum for December 29, 2014

fireballWhat began with a session to support a friend and client has taken off like fire!  We are so excited to see how this is truly changing our reality.  Please take this message seriously. Have received a few phone calls and people are loving the results!

I would like you all to submit your testimonials as you begin doing this work.  The few that have trickled in have proven this to be a very powerful action for The Light and it is truly another game changer for the planet.  Time is of the essence for us to take action and clean out negativity stored from other timelines throughout the world as well as this world age.  Let’s do this now!

Also, please gauge the size of your pyramid according to what YOU are comfortable with.  If you have the confidence and clarity to enlarge your pyramidal tower work, go for it and clear a larger area.  But every action counts!  So even if you only do this work over your own house or personal property, that is waaaaayyy cool as well!

I have also added specific financial locations that need this work done immediately.  I want to thank Ed and Children of The Sun for this list.  If anyone has any other lists compiled, please send it over to me and I will add it to this notification.  I am calling on all Grid Makers, Guardians, and Lightworkers to please step forward and take this as a personal task! Thank you!

Here is the list for those who want to target Financial Conglomerations! Click here to access this list.

OK – keep up the momentum!

Lots of love



Addendum for December 18, 2014

ADDENDUM: Make sure that when you build the pyramidal tower, that it has a base of 3, NOT 4!!! This is another reason why you need 3 people and with 3 sides that equals 9 which is the number of Source – it is all about completion and perfection!!!!!!!! The 4 based pyramid is a distortion.

A Testimonial:

“Hello Alexandra – Thanks for the Golden Pyramid. I have been under heavy attack for the past week, even more so than usual. I created the pyramid, and after awhile it cleared out so much negative energy. My guidance said the number was -156. I see your current status at 144,000 Strands of DNA Activated with 90% Sacred Light, very nice! With past lifetimes in 37 star systems, no wonder you are such a Benevolent person, Many thanks and much Love, Tory”

“I would like to share that we practiced within our group to set up a Pyramid Tower through a guided meditation I was leading Sunday.  (we worked on the court building downtown) supporting “three people groups building pyramids”…Yes it went great! They loved it and it was very energizing and empowering…we worked on the downtown court building.” Veronica

“Hi Alexandra, I’m Marsha of www.sacredwayhealing.com. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I appreciate you so much. I am a way shower into the current times we are living in and am very good at visioning so your 3 sided purification pyramid was wonderful to create. I did it by myself (with the help of the spirits). I put one over my neighborhood here in Encinitas, and one over Camp Pendleton (there’s a huge build-up going on there, very concerning) and I put one over the area along the 5 freeway including the airport in downtown San Diego. ( there are some unmarked buildings along there, pretty creepy, can’t say more online…) Brilliant help for us all and thanks for the list. It’s a great way we can work silently for the light……blessing to you and Steve and Happy New Year”

vibrational grid around bodyI was doing some grid work with our friend Dan in Sweden this morning. He has been under tremendous psychic attack for at least 25 years. Dan has tried everything he can think of to lower the density within his place but unfortunately no matter how many healers have assisted him with building grids and upping personal protection,  and no matter how much technology he has used to assist the problem, nothing really stopped it or “held.”  After countless e-mails from so many of you stating that the psychic attacks have actually increased recently, I kept asking what we could do to bring this nonsense down.  I KNOW that the minions and archontic population has tremendously declined, so I was scratching my head as to the explanation from Above as to what this was all about.  Here is what I got and what I would like each of The Guardians and anyone who does grid word to take heed.

we-need-your-help1The surface population who serve The Dark have increased their activity to debilitate all of us.  And the technology they have access to has been steadily ramped up to increase chaotic, confusing, malevolent, and dissonant frequencies specifically from major military bases., research and development facilities, universities, any larger churches, hospitals, or ANYWHERE where people congregate.  This is being focused upon in a big way, as they have lost their “batallions of reinforcements” due to planetary work completed by many other Lightworkers, including myself with the missions performed throughout Africa.

So here is the request for anyone who feels compelled to dive in to bring forth The New Golden Age more quickly –

sweden with bases notatedFirstly, determine what area you would like to work on.  The Legions of Light are asking that everyone work their own neighborhoods, as well as the prominent structures used by The Dark.  Go up on google and pull up a map.  Research and find out where all of the larger churches, universities, schools, R & D locations, corporate facilities (especially Monsanto type companies, pharmaceutical companies, military contract companies for example), active and inactive military bases, etc. are in your vicinity.  Mark them on your map so you can envision their locations.  You don’t have to get super detailed, but just enough to support your intentions.

Gather 3 of you together on Skype, the phone, in person, or even etherically (IF you are comfortable with that – if you haven’t done a lot of this type of work before, it is better for you to see, hear, and feel the other people helping you with this work.  This helps the mind align with the reality that you are truly effecting the grid.)  Then it is important to clear yourself and your space, using the burning of palo santo, sage, and proclamations and intentions.  Then once you have prepped yourself and have determined that you are a clear vessel for The Light to work with, call in your Guidance, but also call in The Ancient Ones to place a pillar of protection around each of the people you are working with, including yourself.  Command that a heironic beam of Light shines down upon all of you and the location you are working on.

pyramid_-22m_bjNow it is time to build grids.  The grid that has been requested is a pyramidal tower  – I have added a basic picture so you have a general idea of its proper shape.  You will be building a pyramidal tower of Light on top of the structure or location that you feel is affecting the planet negatively.  Obviously the base of the tower should be even larger than the outline of the land around the structure, so you are covering all of its perimeters.  If it is a military base, then the base of the pyramidal tower will be a bit bigger than the entire size of the base’s property itself. Use your imagination and build your pyramid with the assistance of the GA and Galactic Brotherhood / Sisterhood.  This tower must be built as a mirror image below the structure as well.  DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS!!!

If you have been under severe psychic attack, there is a great likelihood that you are living or working on a negative portal.  Instead of closing them down, The Light would like these devices etherically built on each of these areas where a lot of paranormal activity is or where you or anyone else has experienced psychic targeting.  Once the grid is in place, it will act as a transmitter of a very elevated Light Frequency that immediately dissipates negative and low frequency waves that are being deliberately sent over the planet surface.  HAARP, distorted scalar waves, cell tower frequencies, smart meter frequencies and more will be immediately destroyed and transmuted to Light.  Also, if there are any dark beings or nasty etheric beings hovering in that location, they will be removed and from what I hear experience second death (apparently they have been given many chances to shift away from their way of being).

GuardiansCall in The Guardians commanding that they come forth to hold the pyramidal tower in place permanently.  You may see a pillar of Light arrive at each of the corners of the pyramid’s base, and there may be even more that show up depending on how heavy the portal is.  It is also very important to command a counter-clockwise spiral of Light within the pyramidal tower that is extracting all densities, darkness, and dark beings from this location and portal.  You may “see” them shooting through the tip of the pyramidal tower and either dissipating if experiencing a second death or returning to Divine Creator to be used for a more positive productive energy.

spiral sounter clockwiseAsk your Guidance to alert you at what level of density the area registers.  Usually it is a negative number and you will “see” a counter clockwise spiral until all is cleared.  Once again, command that you will know when the clearing is completed, the grid is built, and the transmitter sequence is fully operational.  Once all is in order and “on line” these pyramidal towers will be beaming this frequency for up to several hundred miles, looking like that of the rings you see around a pebble when dropped into a pond of water.  Once enough of us do this all over the globe, these towers will be linking up with one another and the frequencies will blanket the planet completely.

ALWAYS make sure you ask that you and your field is cleansed if for any reason something has “clung onto” you.  ALWAYS “see” yourself standing or hanging OUTSIDE the pyramidal tower.

Please do NOT discount your abilities to do this.  We need everyone to try and do this.  As you all know my workload is pretty immense, but if you need our help we will see what we can do.

OK – I am honored to bring forth this message…it is utterly exciting that we are getting to a place where we are this close to getting from under the grasp of these malevolent frequencies.

Let me know how you all do!  I would LOVE to hear from you!

Lots of love