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Martyn and Alexandra 8.13.13

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Martyn and Alexandra 6.11.13

CeRPER published the first time lapse test movie to be used for CE-5 (Human Initiated Contact), an exciting initiative whereby others have followed to produce their own stunning CE-5 record of events. 

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Transcript For This Audio Clip

A: Martyn, thank you so much again today for jumping on for an impromptu interview here for a few minutes…
M: Always a pleasure.
A: So, I had a question come up last night, late in the middle of the night; how do you see the E.T. contact training fitting in with us remembering who we really are? We hear this ad nauseam in the spiritual community, but I’d like to see how you think about the connection there…
M: Right, well, the title I would phrase this as would be ‘Waking Up’ it’s a matter of waking up and the purpose of the trainings is to challenge peoples’ current paradigms and thereby look at the programs that they’re running with and part of my remit is to help people to understand and navigate through those programs. So, I often say that a lot of the information that we receive naturally is being filtered and channelled and there are lots of us that realise that. There are people who are coming into an awareness slowly, of themselves and they feel they’re on a path in understanding themselves – they’re being pulled and drawn to follow what they’re being drawn to do. So the trainings really are an inner journey – and those that come to the trainings are still on that journey, they’ve come to a waypoint and this is where CeRPER picks up and my responsibility is looking at each person individually and seeing where they are in their wakefulness…
A: Hmm, interesting.
M: So the E.T. contact work that arises from the trainings is quite challenging in itself. The act of being there on an expedition, in the dark, under a beautiful starlit canvas is rather out of this world anyway. So that does set up a very unusual atmosphere, out of people’s comfort zones and into quite a challenging but also quite a… how would one say… a kind of stimulating view of the world around them they don’t usually get so there’s this amazing sense of vastness. So when we’re working together we work within that remit of wonder, and to be full of wonder, to work from the heart…
A: That’s beautiful.
M: …away from city lights, away from everyday work and so there are a number of elements there that come together to show the training is far more than just lights in the sky.
A: Yeah, and so why do you feel that you have the capacity to see deep within their soul? You know, where they are and where you need to take them?
M: Aha right, well it may well be better asked of the people who are on the receiving end perhaps!
A: Haha, I’m making you uncomfortable but seriously, what is it about you, how are you capable of seeing where they are in their journey, what opportunity has come to you to give you that ability to see people deeply and profoundly?
M: I think what has helped over the years is a use of time where one doesn’t necessarily have to sit and meditate but one can quiet the ambient effervescing background thinking. So I’ve been fortunate enough to pull off a kind of program for myself around me that enables me to do just that where I can quieten down and I’ve often taught that if you can do just be doing one thing and only one thing then you’re quietening the mind down. So the idea there is to get into a very quiet and still place and so when you’re interfacing with somebody the idea is that you’re becoming very, very quiet and you’re leading and influencing on that quiet, subtle level and particularly if you’re directing energy then this can be felt, but beyond that it’s very difficult to know because it’s operating on a very deep soul remit and those that are coming within the sphere of the work that we’re doing are doing so on a much higher or deeper alternative level. I often say that when people come to the trainings they bring with them the story of themselves, the ‘inner book’, the ‘book inside’
A: Interesting…
M: …so where they are, the place and space where they find themselves – we work from that space, and it will be for each person to judge for themselves whether they are feeling a shift and change as a consequence of the one-on-one as well as the group activities.
A: So we really are an amalgamation of multiple programs running… and do you find that sometimes those that come to you for training, who really have done a tremendous amount of work through meditation, through raising their frequency, through doing a lot of healing work etcetera, do you still find that even they are able to pierce the veil and break through additional programming that they didn’t even think they had?
M: Well, very often it happens when you’re not quite sure necessarily when you’re piercing through and you get these little glimpses behind the veil, they’re like little ‘aha!’ moments. If you’re working towards the veil if you will, and wanting to get past the programs that are around us then over a period of time once you’re on that mission if you will, you’re finding those still, still moments, you’ll get little insights and answers to questions you’ve put forward to your subconscious.
About the programs themselves, one of the things I was taught years ago was to try to think for yourself, and that’s a big challenge because we’re thinking very much along the lines of the history of ideas, the history of ideas from other people and that contributes to a very, cohesive social matrix but when we look at the social matrix and see the ideas, they very much go back to certain people, philosophers etcetera and so forth. So we need to get beyond the history. We have to understand that ideas come from somewhere. Very often the ones that we are programmed with, that are very effective, are those that are social conditionings for example. So we have to try and get past those and try to think for ourselves. That’s a challenge because very often, what we’re thinking is a construct matrix that has been put there by society and by other people who have had an influence on how we think. So how do we go beyond that? Beyond that is a veil and beyond that veil is consciousness which is enthralling when you get into those moments and get a glimpse of the answers coming in for those questions that you’ve put forwards. So people can get the answers coming through in ‘aha’ moments, sometimes when you’re lying back, sometimes in bed before you’re off to sleep and suddenly your eyes dilate and it’s like a realisation but you don’t get the information as information, it’s just a moment of awareness. It doesn’t have content as such that you go ‘oh right, I’ve got the answer to that particular question’ no, it’s more subtle, more deeper, more broader. It’s like suddenly the dewdrop just, just barely touching the ocean…and then it becomes a dewdrop again.
A: Mmm, beautiful. Well thank you Martyn I am going to definitely call you again for our next series and I really think it would be important to educate myself and others on the deeper profundities to E.T. contact which I think really, many of us have not thought about it that way so, I really want to thank you for your time today and we will come back, stay tunes folks for our next session with Martyn Ellis of CeRPER International Organisation. Take care Martyn, namaste.
M: Thank you, Namaste.
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